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Daraz Seller Stories- QEPL Store
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Daraz Seller Stories- QEPL Store

Engulfed amidst the rich heritage of Patan Durbar square at Lalitpur is the QEPL storeThe narrow roads connecting the historic place holds a significant wider importance in the history. QEPL store is a contrasting amalgamation of an ancient region with the latest technology. Mr Niranjan Joshi, a veteran in the field of small & large appliances has established QEPL store as one of the most renowned electronic hubs of Lalitpur.

Mr Niranjan Joshi has been working with Daraz since its inception. With this commitment, he has proven to be one of the first and the oldest seller at Daraz. 

He has now listed about 200 items in Daraz and is planning to expand the number of listings in coming years. With Daraz being the part of the Alibaba ecosystem, Mr Joshi is hopeful for the better involvement of both sellers and the customers. 

“The sole reason for me to choose Daraz is that it is one of the #1 online store in Nepal and Internationally recognised”.

Though initially, he had the ambiguity of being a seller at Daraz, all his doubts were cleared when explained about the online marketplace by the Daraz people. The online store was a NO NO to the Nepalese buyers, but Daraz has given the option for the shopping online with the reliability and trust. Mr Joshi recalls all the troubles he had to go through while incorporating his business online. The transition was made possible with the help of Daraz as they readily took him into the Daraz Seller Family. 

Daraz Seller Stories QEPL Store

Mr Joshi also added that the sales were on the high figures from the recently concluded Football World Cup. During the World Cup, the high volume of sales was catalysed by Daraz football World Cup campaigns. He tells us that the campaigns generate a huge amount of revenue. Even in the off-season, about 20-30% of his sales happen through Daraz. 

Mr Joshi exclaimed “The sole reason for me to choose Daraz is that it is one of the #1 online store in Nepal and Internationally recognised. The sales response and growth output from Daraz every year is far better when we were involved with other online stores when compared. That is why Daraz is my best choice“.

Daraz Seller Stories QEPL Store

According to him, Daraz provides the best platform for the thriving sellers. The main advantage of the online store he says is to promote a brand & launch a new product. He got the platform for promotion from Daraz as a seller and has promoted new brands in it himself. He also shared his experience of introducing a new brand in Daraz. The buyers would have been reluctant to buy new brands but, through Daraz people were certain of getting original products. 

On being asked what are your expectation from Daraz in near future, he replied that he is very thankful to Daraz which has helped & supported him achieve most of his sales growth and expect this partnership to continue further.

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