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Chuwi at Daraz
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Chuwi – Powerful yet Affordable

Though a new brand to be launched in Nepal, Chuwi has been in the device making business for more than 14 years. A very dynamic pricing has made it an affordable device to own without making your pocket light. Chuwi in Nepal is planning to make its firm footprint by launching its devices online exclusively at Daraz

We have many questions than answers regarding the authenticity of the devices. Unknown & never heard brand making its debut in Nepal, it is natural for the questions to arise. Be stress-free because we are here to clear all your doubts.

About Chuwi

Founded in 2004 in Shenzhen, China, Chuwi has come a long way since its inception. It has successfully established itself as the major device makers of the world. Their first line included MP3 players, which were popular at the time.

However, the consumer of the latest devices has less faith in the Chinese brands as it lags behind in the prospect of after-sales services. They manufacture the product and make the after-sales service totally obsolete. With the growing demand for their electronics, Chuwi quickly expanded, both in terms of variety and units sold.

Why Chuwi Devices?

  • Great devices at affordable prices

The major point that we will analyze about Chuwi is perhaps the most important, its hardware components. Firstly, what we need to know is that laptop and tablet brands are much more focused on assembling parts than manufacturing them.

Even big brands like Dell or Lenovo do not manufacture processors, and this is the most important hardware component in any laptop or tablet.

The good news is that Chuwi has some pretty high standards for choosing their component providers. The processors and modules used in their products are the same chosen for other well-known electronics brands. Point for Chuwi.

  • Awesome after sales service

Many Chinese electronic brands make a huge mistake when it comes to support. They just manufacture their products, find some distributors and have zero worries about after sales support. The result? Angry and frustrated customers putting the brands’ reputation down through all possible channels.

However, that is not the case of Chuwi, which does have a good support indeed. In fact, I would call Chuwi’s support above the average not only among Chinese brands but among all types of Brands.

  • Trusted brand value

After it successfully making its sales across Europe and America, Chuwi has gained its loyal customer base in Asia too. The parts used by Chuwi has been around the device-making scene for a time more than you can imagine. Therefore, there is no fooling around in terms of trust and customer satisfaction.

Available devices:

Chuwi Lapbook at Daraz
Chuwi Hi9 Pro at Daraz
Chuwi Hi9 at Daraz
Chuwi Hi9 Air at Daraz

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