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Processors – Everything you need to know

A processor is an integrated electronic circuit that performs the calculations that run a computer. A processor performs arithmetical, logical, input/output (I/O) and other basic instructions that are passed from an operating system (OS). Most other processes are dependent on the operations of a processor.

A CPU has two primary tasks: a) processing data and b) executing instructions. The processor contains a quartz clock that sends out tiny pulses of electricity at regular intervals. Each time the clock ticks, the CPU can process one piece of data or execute one instruction.

While it might appear that the processor can do many tasks at once, it can really process only one instruction at a time. However, it processes the instructions so quickly that it appears to be multitasking. A CPU with a clock speed of 3 GHz, for example, can process three thousand million instructions per second.

Intel & AMD

Nowadays, we come across different types of processors which are mainly dominated by the makers such as Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). However, prior to the brand of the processor, the speed of the laptop depends on how the device is clocked, managed and also the operating system it works on. The cores and clock speed of a processor also plays a vital role in determining the speed of the laptop.

4 things you should consider in a laptop while buying:


Laptops nowadays come in an array of cores which we can choose from. One can optimise the number of cores in the laptop and could optimise according to it. Laptops usually have a single core to the latest 18 cores with the hyperthreading (a feature that allows each CPU core to mimic two cores at once, or threads)

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  • CLOCK RATE (Higher the Better)

Clock rate can be simply understood by the speed at which the information is processed by the computer. It is usually described in terms of hertz, megahertz and gigahertz.

Clock rates

At present, laptop manufacturers provide us with the option of choosing from  1.03 GHz to 4.30 GHz. Certain laptops even offer higher clock rates which can be optimised with the preference of the user.

  • GRAPHICS PROCESSING UNIT (Higher the Better)

GPU is a specialized electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display device. In simple words, the higher the GPU, the smooth will be the interface of the games and loads the pictures and videos with better precision.

GPU at Daraz

GPUs are very efficient at manipulating computer graphics and image processing. The GPU is critical for the gamers and heavy users. This can change the whole interface.


Recently, there has been a significant development from both Intel and AMD in the quality of the processors. Intel has launched the latest processor in the form of i9 which is best of the line from i3, i5 & i7. Whereas, AMD has been working in matching the prowess of Intel in the production of the processors with the launch of Jaguar and Zen line processors.

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