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Men’s Shirts for All Occasions: Shirts are an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. There are different shirt designs that fit the occasion and bring out the best in you. Let’s a look at the top shirts for men in Nepal.

A Classic John Player shirt

Classic John Player shirts work for both work and play. The wide range of shirts fit an array of situations. Whatever the occasion, from an amazing weekend to a formal event, these shirts bring the best out of you.

Men’s Smart Casual Shirts

Shirts don’t always have to formal. You have your plaids and gingham checks, made popular in 90’s grunge scene, which are certainly very casual. But with a few tweaks, you can still be casual with any shirt on. Just a roll of the sleeves, and undoing of the extra top button is all you need to do. So, rather than the classic T-shirt and jeans look, consider dressing down a smart shirt.

Men’s Office Shirts

Going for the office, but hate wearing a tie or the traditional office attire? Try tucking in a classic button-down collared shirt into chinos or khaki pants. If flexibility is what you desire, this is it.

Men’s Travel Shirts

Men who love to travel pack light and add versatility. Casual t-shirts or solid colored button-down shirts work the best for traveling. Easy to care and light shirts are obviously fit for travel purposes.

Men’s Party Shirts

Times are changing and so is the party look. Parties don’t always have to mean white button-down shirts and suits. Ditch the white and try darker colors, like a shade of blue. Maybe even ditch the suit altogether and pair the shirt with dark jeans, or tailored pants and a blazer or a jacket.

Men’s Formal Shirts

The formal shirt is the item every man should have in his wardrobe. Formal shirts are of different types, primarily – the point collar and the spread collar. The point collar is wore with a traditionally cut suit and small tie knot. The spread collar, on the other hand, is wore best with a modern cut suit and a bigger knot. So, these are some of the best formal and casual shirts for men. Check out the best shirts and get the best deals here.

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