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a picture of a Nepali guy completing the #trashtag challenge
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Credit: Reddit user r/shrestaz

The #Trashtag Challenge has arrived in Nepal, and it’s gone viral! Now, what is exactly the #Trashtag challenge. The trashtag challenge isn’t any other dumb challenge that sometimes takes over the internet. It’s a challenge is a challenge everyone should take up!

Basically, the #trashtag challenge is a challenge which encourages people to take a photo of heavily littered area and then another photo of the area after they’ve cleaned it up.  After all that, they should post it on social media with the hashtag #trashtagchallenge.

KP Khanal, a social worker and activist, was one of the firsts to introduce and inspire others to take up the challenge in Nepal. It all began when he shared a picture tagged #trashtag. The picture showed KP Khanal and his five friends with trash bags- the aftermath of the cleanup drive they conducted at the New Bus Park in Gongabu. Routine of Nepal Banda, a famous Nepali Facebook page shared the picture which became viral with over 19,000 likes and over 300 shares. This inspired many others to take up the challenge as well.

“We started the clean-up at night so as not to disturb people’s movement, and because it’s a very busy place, we were unable to take the ‘before’ picture.But I am happy that many youths from across the country have taken on the challenge.”

KP Khanal

Since then numerous others have taken up the challenge like a group of MBBS student from Bhaktapur.

“We have done numerous such cleaning campaigns but we were not able to get more youth involved. But when we did it as part of the #trashtag challenge, many young people have shown interest.”

Nabin Bhandari, one of the members of the group involved in the challenge.

Likewise, Bishnu Tamang and Ashok Nepal invited the Kathmandu Post, to clean up an area at Jamacho Gumba, 17 kilometers uphill from Raniban. A picture of them on Facebook shows them with four sacks full of trash they collected! After cleaning up, they handed over the trash to the Nepal Army barracks in Nagarjun.

“This is a great initiative. We have been requesting people not to throw trash, even fining Rs 1,000, but it hasn’t been working.”

Puspa Kumari Mishra, an Army ranger

The #trashtag challenge actually started in 2015 as a project started by UCO, an American outdoor lighting company. The company created the hashtag to encourage people to clean up their trash while out in the wilderness. The challenge became viral world over just a month ago when Reddit user, u/Baxxo25, posted a clean-up picture with the hashtag #trashtagchallenge.

This should be the new challenge to make the world a better place!
credit: Reddit

Internet challenges have been quite outrageous and stupid, but this is one of those challenges that are highly commendable. The Nepalese people have taken up such challenges in the past too, like the #FillTheBucket challenge in 2014, which inspired many Nepalese youth to donate a bucketful of essentials for flood and landslide victims in West Nepal.

The world right now is in a very critical state with climate change being humanity’s biggest threat. Such initiations shows we still have hope for a better future. With everyone doing their part it will not take long to clean up the entire country and keep it that way.  A wise person once said, “If you want to clean the environment, start from your home!”

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Happy Cleaning!

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