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How to Return a Product in Daraz

At Daraz we are always committed at delivering you the best experience. Unfortunately, on rare occasions a product may not arrive as per your request. When that happens, don’t worry! You can easily ask Daraz to have the product returned and refunded. In this article, we’ll talk about how to successfully make a return on Daraz.  

Important: Before we move further take a look at what items can be and can’t be returned here.

Step 1

First, open your Daraz app and make sure you’re logged in. Now, go to your account and tap on the “view all” option on the right side of your account page.

Here, you can see all your orders. Select the item you want to return and just tap the return button.

You’ll now see this return form.

Step 2

Firstly, select the appropriate reason. You’ll get a list of reasons, select the one that suits your situation. 

Step 3

Write additional comment on why you are returning the product.

Step 4

Select the shipment option that is best for you. You can have the item picked up by our representative or you could also drop it off at the nearest Daraz Hub.

You can check the map below to see if any Daraz hub falls near you or maybe on your way to work.

Step 5

After this you must select the preferred refund option. If you paid by card, you must choose to refund via credit/debit card.

However, if you paid by Cash on Delivery you have two options:

Refund via bank transfer or Refund via voucher

 If you choose ‘refund via voucher’, Daraz will send you a voucher worth the same amount in your mail and your Daraz account.  You can use the voucher for your next purchase. And, If you choose ‘refund via bank transfer’, you must fill in your bank details here. 

Step 6

After confirming your preferred option make sure to tap on submit.

Step 7

Now, just pack your Daraz parcel securely with the original and undamaged manufacturer’s packaging as delivered to you.

daraz returns policy

Step 8

Print the return label and attach it outside the package or write the return tracking number and return order number in a paper and attach it to the package.  What else? Ah yes, always remember to attach any bills, documents, that you received.

Please Note: It is important to print out and paste the return label on your return parcel to avoid any inconvenience/delay in process of your return. If you are unable to print out the return label, kindly write your order number on the package of your returned parcel.

Check out our nearest hubs:

Daraz Hub Maps

And that’s it! If you have any confusion or need more information just visit our help center at this link.  We’re always there for you! Happy shopping!

Did you know? Daraz is offering a lot of discounts on card payments during Daraz Mobile Week.

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