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Want to become a Daraz Seller and sell online in Nepal? It’s not that hard as you think! It’s very simple all you have to do is just follow some simple steps. Once you’re done with the steps, you can easily register as a Daraz seller at the seller center. Online shopping in Nepal is growing at a great speed, join Daraz, and increase your business exponentially.  In this article, we will guide you on how to become a Daraz Seller and start selling online today.

Why become a Daraz Seller?

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Bhawana Upreti, Creative Touch

Online shopping is a growing trend in Nepal. More consumers are increasingly shopping online in Nepal. And rightly so as shopping online is the easiest and the most convenient way to shop. But you must’ve wondered how to sell online in Nepal? Well, the good news is it is as easy as buying things online. You will just need your products, a PC, maybe a Smartphone, an internet connection, a bank account, and a PAN/VAT registered business. Next, you will need a platform to showcase your products. Once you select a platform, you can sit back and start a successful online business from home!

Daraz is one of the best online selling platforms in South Asia. It is transparent and has great ease in doing business. Daraz serves as one of the best online platforms for a number of famous brands and the best selling online products under one roof across categories such as beauty, fashion, consumer electronics, household goods, toys, sports equipment, and groceries. Daraz has more than 4000 sellers, and acquiring more from major cities of Nepal like Bharatpur, Pokhara, Birgunj, Janakpur, Biratnagar, and Butwal.

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Jigme Sherpa, KTM City

For Daraz, sellers are at the heart of the e-commerce ecosystem.  The platform relies on third-party sellers to showcase their products to customers, while Daraz takes care of the delivery. Only on Daraz you can get the highest amount of visibility to consumers nationwide and take your business to newer heights.

With Daraz you will have access to the latest, highly advanced systems that were co-developed with Alibaba. The Chinese e-commerce giant acquired Daraz in May 2018. As a result, you can easily create your own success on Daraz. By becoming a Daraz Seller, you too can start an online store or an online business of your own. You could be sitting in the comfort of your office or home and selling products online!

We believe that the best person to, sell a product or a service is the seller himself – not Daraz. That’s why we want to give the sellers all the tools to do this independently. Our job is to build the tools and the control systems to ensure that the consumer is always 100% protected in every single transaction.

Daraz Global CEO, Bjarke Mikkelsen

Just follow these three simple steps to start selling on Daraz

1.       Register and list the product

how to be a daraz seller in nepal

First, to register as a seller, go to the seller center:

You can easily start selling online in Nepal after you have registered and listed your items on Daraz Seller Center. You will then soon start receiving orders.

Also, there are no signup charges, no monthly rentals, and no hidden charges. All you’ll need are:

  • PAN or VAT registration of the business (which is a must!)
  • Bank account

2.       Receive orders, pack products, sell across Nepal

Showcasing your products on Daraz will help you reach out to 700,000+ Nepali consumers every month. Not only that, the whole Daraz Team is dedicated to bringing new consumers every day to the app and the website.

Once you receive orders,  simply package the order and drop-off the package at Daraz. Leave the rest to us. Packaging material is available from Daraz, and is currently 100% free!

3.       Get payments and grow business.

Daraz handles the delivery to your customer.  Once delivered, you get paid into your bank account.  Only a small portion of your sales as a marketplace and payment fee will be charged. 

There are no other charges or fees.

What’s more, now with Daraz, you can expand your selling territory to all major cities across Nepal. Daraz seamlessly delivers in 22 major cities within Nepal, and more are being added. With the new optimized app, your products will be shown to the right consumers to make online shopping more convenient. Moreover, Daraz actively promotes the best deals through all marketing channels.

So there you go, it is that easy to become a Daraz Seller. If you want more information on how to become a Daraz Seller, just head to:

Or you can contact Daraz Seller Support at this number: 01-5970111


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