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The online electronics business in Nepal has been experiencing a boom for quite some time. Although the lockdown has halted business, the demand remains high, especially in the summer season.

Do you own an electronics store in Nepal? If so, taking your business online now will surely help you increase your business exponentially. The online electronics business in Nepal is expected to grow rapidly. So, it is safe to say that this is the best time to sell online in Nepal.

However, there are a few tips and tricks you should know to help your online business become successful.

  • Have a Proper and Detailed Introduction for your Online Shop.

Have a detailed and professional introduction of your electronics and gadgets shop. Essentially, you must include a Brief Introduction, Email, Contact, Specialty, and Social Media Channels. (if any) This will make a great impact to your reach.

  • List Your Products with Accuracy!

When it comes to selling online, the biggest cash point is how thoroughly the products are listed. In the end, when you have a shop online, customers can only see the products themselves.

Therefore, list your products on your online shop with thorough details and keep it up to date.

  • Maintain Authenticity with Professional Product Photography.

When you are selling online, make sure to create a catalogue or include real and professional images of your products. If you’re selling box sealed products such as mobile phones, make sure you use official photos of the products.

Wrong, fake, and inaccurate pictures will drive your customers away forever.

  • Mention the Specification of the Brand and Warranty Your Product Offers.

When a customer decides to buy online they first look for every detail of the product. Only then a customer makes their final decision. So, mention every little detail about your products in the product description.

Write the specification, brand name, warranty, pros, and so on. This creates a higher chance for the product to be sold.

  • Encourage Verified Satisfied Customers to Leave Positive Ratings!

In Nepal, many customers think numerous times before buying electronic items online. This is because, electronic products usually cost more. So, having assurance through positive ratings will encourage customers to buy online.

Majority of people rely on other people’s opinions and experiences.

If you want to build trust, encourage your satisfied customers to leave some positive remarks. 4+ rating and good reviews will definitely build trust and assurance.

  • Actively Engage with Customers!

Online shop owners must always be prepared to answer customer queries. You will receive lots of questions and most of them are repetitive. This may seem daunting, but, the more you engage with customers the more your online shop grows.

Answer their queries, reply to their feedbacks, because in the long run you will build more trust. This will help customers to rely on you. Human interactions is one of the main keys to unlock success even if it’s online. Not only this, when you answer queries, you build engagement.

High engagement means more traffic to your store, which is a good thing!

  • Offer a Variety of Payment Options.

This is a no-brainer- more options means more customers. Give options like “Cash on Delivery,” “Debit/Credit Payment,” and “Digital Wallet”.

Give customers offers like Card discounts. This provenly attracts more customers to your shop.

If possible, try to come up with various deals and discount offers as well.

  • Promote Your Product with a Sponsored Ad!

Good advertising never fails. If you’re well-established offline but new to doing business online then sponsored ads work well.

This provides more visibility to your product. For instance, when online shoppers search for a product, your product might show up.

Now, there’s one more thing that will make all of this very easy and smooth.

Register with the Daraz Seller Program and Expand Your Electronics Business Online.

You don’t have to set up an online website, app or anything. Just join the Daraz Sahayatri Program. And, Daraz will set up your own online store and provide you with all the necessary support. You will get ample visibility to attract customers. Furthermore, you will also have world class technology from Alibaba at your finger tips.

Daraz is South Asia’s biggest online marketplace that offers a hassle-free online selling experience. With Daraz, you won’t be limited to your locality, city and maybe even country.

How to Sell on Daraz?

With Daraz, selling electronics is easier than think!

To register with Daraz as Seller, go to Daraz Seller Sign Up page on Daraz’s website. It’s a very easy process. Just follow a few steps, provide your credentials and that’s it! There are no hidden charges to register as a Daraz Seller.

Benefits of Becoming a Seller on Daraz:

Daraz offers complete transparency and various facilities to make sure your online selling experience remains positive.

If you’re new to selling online, Daraz will teach you everything you need to know. You will receive free trainings and support whenever you need it. The main goal at Daraz is to make sure Daraz Sellers make the most out of their business. This is beneficial for you, your customers and the company.

There are many perks of opening your shop on Daraz, here are some facilities offered for all sellers:

  • You get access to millions of customers all across Nepal.
  • Daraz brings express sign-ups for all new sellers through which you can start selling in less than a few days.
  • All sellers have access to free analytics tools which will help them optimize their digital venture.
  • There’s no hidden fee, only pay a small fee when you make a sell.
  • Get fast and reliable shipping for your orders.
  • You can stay confident with secure and timely payments.
  • You’ll have professional services available 24/7.

To learn how to become a successful seller on Daraz, check out our ultimate guide to become a seller on Daraz below.

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Download the Daraz Seller App now and enjoy these perks for free!

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