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How You Can Make the Most out of Daraz 11.11 This Year!

Daraz 11.11, the world’s biggest online sale day is coming soon. Which means you should be ready to shop till you drop. We’re very excited and we hope you are too.

But how can you make the most of this amazing sale? Worry not, we’re here to help you figure out how you can make the most of the Daraz 11.11 discounts this year.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Download the official Daraz app

This is what we call a Super-Duper important step. You’ll need to download the official Daraz app. The app is your gateway to great offers, exclusive sales, rewards and so much more.

Download the app now!

Play the 1 Rupee game

Want to win exciting goodies at just 1 Rupee? Play the 1 Rupee game via the Daraz app and get a chance to win exciting gifts. Head over to the Daraz app and select a product of your choice. Pay Rs.1 for the product via your Daraz wallet and get a chance to win.

Keep Track of the Mega Deals!

Daraz 11.11 is the world’s biggest online sale day. Which means there’s going to be a lot of deals and flash sales. So if you want to find out about all the deals, sales and discounts, you’ll need to keep checking your app frequently. Be sure to keep track of all the deals! We promise you won’t regret it.

Remember the Vouchers

Here at Daraz, we want you to have the best possible shopping experience unlike anywhere else. Which is why we have the Daraz 11:11 Vouchers. It’s our way of saying we’re glad you’re here and we do not want you to leave without buying anything. Keep an eye out! Sellers will provide you will voucher codes which you can use to get the best deals possible. And what’s more, you can also win the 11:11 vouchers through games as well as purchases. For this, you’ll need to download the Daraz app.

Payment Promotions

Daraz 11:11 is offering you jaw-dropping discounts through our payment partners. So be sure to take advantage of all our payment promotions.

Stock up your Cart

If you want to buy something, just add it to your cart. Even if it is out of stock, add it to your cart and once it is restocked you’ll be notified via the Daraz app and you can place your order. Be prepared before the 11:11 sale begins. Stock up your cart beforehand and you can order immediately once the sale begins. Don’t forget to turn on your notifications!

Go Through our Daraz Buying Guides

Daraz Buying Guides is your personal shopping guide. It’s there to make sure that you have the product that you want. Go through our Buying Guides for a seamless shopping experience.

Revisit the Daraz app

We’ve got a lot of surprises lined up for you. From Mystery boxes, to flash sales to many more. Keep checking the app time and again and don’t miss out on the world’s biggest online sale day

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