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As the leading online marketplace in Nepal, Daraz is a constant target for scams facilitated by scammers and fraudulent sellers who are looking to make themselves a quick buck. And over the past month and so, we have come across various fake accounts and sellers impersonating Daraz and its representatives.

Our representatives also received numerours customer feedbacks regarding such fraudulent sellers and individuals impersonating Daraz, its sellers and delivery agents.

We extend out gratitude to everyone who raised their concerns over this issue and we would like to assure you that your security is our utmost priority. These scams and fraudulent activities will be investigated thoroughly.

Until then, check out this article to find out how you can further avoid scams while shopping online.


Never share your account details

Never share your personal account details with anyone. Daraz authorized sellers or any of our representatives will never ask you to reveal your personal details such as your One Time Password (OTP), Email, Passwords, Card Number and so forth.

There have been cases where scammers impersonating our officials have contacted customers. They will then request the customers to reveal their personal information for “OFFICE RELATED WORK“.

Whether you are contacted via social media, text messages or a phone call, never reveal your details to anyone. In anyone asks you for such information, do not respond and contact us at our official helpline immediately to inform us about such scams.

Don’t pay for your orders outside Daraz app or the website

When it comes to conducting transactions and receiving payments, Daraz has its own set of protocols. We never ask our customers to make payments outside the Daraz app or the website. You might receive messages that say please make your payments via Wire or Bank Transfer, Bar codes and so on. Please be wary that these are not our protocols and that it could be a scammer.

Any and all payments made on Daraz are processed on our checkout page. Our payment methods include Bank Card payments, E-sewa payment, Easy Monthly Installments and Daraz Wallet.

We also receive cash on delivery where our official delivery partners collect the payment direclty at your doorstep. So the next time anyone asks you to make suspicious payments, contact us immediately.

Never reveal your orders & payment to parties outside Daraz

There have been a few cases in the past where a “SUPPOSED” seller had contacted a customer and had requested them to place an order and conduct the transcation outside Daraz. This is scam 101.

Our official authorized sellers do not have the permission to contact our customers and request them to make any sort of orders or payments.

You should be very wary about this. Never respond to any messages from any sellers who are requesting any personal details. Everything you need to know about payment is provided on our official checkout page.

Only receive your orders if they are placed in official Daraz packaging

Never receive any order that does not have the official Daraz packaging. If you ever receive an order without our official packaging, do not accept it and contact us immediately thereafter.

All our sellers are instructed to ship all the orders in official Daraz packaging.

Contact Daraz immediately within 7 days

If by chance you happen to receive fake, faulty or damaged order from Daraz, please contact us within 7 days. Do not contact the seller but contact the official Daraz helpline. And be sure to contact us within 7 days to receive full refund.

So these are the way how you can avoid scams while shopping online. Be careful, stay wary and contact us immediately if you feel something could be wrong. Our official helpline is listed below.

Phone: 015970597


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