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The Daraz One Rupee Game lets you win exclusive prizes at just Re. 1 !

If you are wondering, what kind of game is this? This game is played during almost all of our campaigns, and it’s back for Daraz Mahabachat Bazar that starts from July 18 (Shrawan 3) with more awesome prizes along with a secret grand prize. For now, these are the products you can win at just Re. 1:

Play to Win at Re.1
More prizes will be revealed soon!
Hint: It costs more than a lakh rupees! Mark your date – July 16th!

Besides these, there will be one more awesome prize, which will be revealed on the Daraz app on the 16th of July. It’s not revealed yet cause it is going to be special!

To win the grandest One Rupee Game prize, you must participate through IME pay on Daraz – Yes! You can now pay with IME Pay on Daraz. To find out how, read this.

Now, let’s dive in to know what you came for!

How To Participate in the One Rupee Game?

Step 1: Open the Daraz app and click on the Mahabachat Bazar icon or text.

Step 2: Once inside the Mahabachat Bazar page, select One Rupee Game

Step 3: Click on the product of your choice.

Step 4: Add the product to your cart.

Step 5: Click on checkout and then click on Proceed to pay

Step 6: Select your method of payment – either with a Debit/Credit Card or via your IME pay account.

Step 7: Enter Your OTP (One Time Password) and click on submit

You have successfully made your payment.

See the steps below for more clarity:

Once you’ve completed the steps, your customer ID will then be selected for the lucky draw where you will be able to win your selected product at Re. 1.

And in case you are wondering, your Re. 1 will be refunded as per the refund policy, incase you do not win, and also if you do win too!


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