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Shopping can sometimes be quite an overwhelming experience. Although liberating, it can make you feel lost. The constant pursuit to find that one piece of clothing can leave you physically and sometimes mentally drained. The traffic, the long lines, the unnecessary chitchats and bargains, you really have to think twice before stepping out to go shopping.

But what if you had it all in just one place? What if you had access to everything you want right there in front of you? Would solve a lot of problems wouldn’t it? Ofcourse it would.

And so, here we are with the biggest upgrade to shopping and online shopping so to speak – DarazMall. Heard of it before? Haven’t heard of it before? Not to worry, if this is the first time you’re hearing about DarazMall, click the link below and then come back to this blog. And for those who’ve heard about DarazMall before, feel free to continue.


To give you a quick summary, DarazMall or DM is an online mall launched by Daraz. It has a curated selection of leading international and local brands. All the brands within DarazMall are genuine and certified sellers. But a question begs – WHY SHOULD YOU SHOP ONLINE ON DARAZMALL? HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM OTHER ONLINE SHOPPING PLATFORMS? Let’s find out shall we!

100% Authentic Products

One of the major feature of DarazMall is the fact that every product available within is 100% authentic. All the sellers are certified and are genuine sellers. So the chance of customers receiving a knock-off product is ZERO. Here at Daraz, our top of the line monitoring system makes sure that only the best and the top rated sellers are selected to be a part DarazMall(DM). So rest assured!

14-Days Return Policy

If by chance a customers’ order gets wrongly delivered or if they don’t receive your proper order (which really is a rare case), customers can easily return it via our 14-day return policy. Unlike the traditional shopping experience where you’d have to go back all the way to the physical store, nag with the store owner and if possible try and return your product. But with DarazMall, you can set aside them all aside. No walking, no nagging, just hassle free easy return. If you want to learn more about how to return a product, check out the link below.


Biggest National & International Brands

DarazMall has probably the biggest ensemble of national and international brands all under one platform. Customers can find about 300 top rated national and international brands – all certified and all genuine. To give you a taste, here are a few of the brands found on DarazMall.

  1. Sony
  2. Canon
  3. Samsung
  4. Whirlpool
  5. Levis
  6. Titan
  7. Vans
  8. Nike
  9. Goldstar
  10. Mantra

As i’ve mentioned before, our top of the line monitoring system is constantly monitoring all our sellers to make sure that only the best brands are a part of DarazMall. Customers can find a wide assortments of products ranging from technology, fashion, health, home appliances, music, and many more. All of these under one roof. Now isn’t that amazing? Click the link below to head straight over to DarazMall.


Global Collection

Our latest addition – Global Collection is here to make sure that you get what you want. Through Global Collection, customers can now order products straight from CHINA and INDIA with ease. And yet again, customers have the choice to select only the best brands.

Check out this video about Global Collection



Voucher Discounts & Offers

Not only do DarazMall users get access to top rated national and international brands, they also get amazing discounts and offers through our Vouchers. Time and again, Daraz will initiate a campaign with the aim to offer customers with the best deals possible. And Voucher Giveaways are a key part of all our campaigns. Through the vouchers, customers can slash the price on their selected product. What’s more, customers can also avail vouchers in non-campaign days as well. Certain brands offer voucher discounts on select dates. And if you’re up-to-date, you have the chance to avail those vouchers. Pretty neat right? Online shopping doesn’t get more exciting than this.

DarazMall Festival To Begin From 18th August

And now, let us present to you the DarazMall Festival starting from 18th August 2021. BIG BRANDS, BIG CHOICES. Amazing deals, discounts, offers, vouchers, you name it, we’ve got it for you. This is your chance to get your hands on some premium products at amazing prices. So be sure not to miss out. We’ll be coming up with more details about the DarazMall Festival in the coming days. SO STAY TUNED.


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