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Understanding Daraz EMI

Everyone wants to get their hands on all their favorite products and newest releases while Daraz 11.11, Biggest Sale of the Year, is still on. Unfortunately, however, some products have a price tag that makes it difficult to splurge all at once. Luckily, Daraz has a user-friendly solution to this conundrum – 0% Easy Monthly Installments (EMI). Designed to add a touch of financial flexibility to your shopping spree, Daraz EMI is an easy and convenient payment plan.

What is Daraz 0% Easy Monthly Installments (EMI)?

Daraz EMI is a service that lets you make purchases through a payment plan using your credit card. The full outstanding payment is temporarily blocked on your credit card and gradually released as you pay monthly installments. This transparent process ensures that you are in control of your spending while enjoying the convenience of deferred payments.

No Hidden Costs

Daraz EMI

One of the most attractive aspects of Daraz EMI is that there’s no down payment or hidden costs attached. While credit card issuance fees or registration fees may apply as per your bank’s rules, there are no additional charges from Daraz, makin Daraz EMI an accessible and affordable choice for shoppers. Keep in mind that failing to make monthly installment payments does come with a cost – late fees as per the bank’s policy. So, stay on top of your payments to fully enjoy the benefits of Daraz EMI.

Versatility in Shopping

Daraz EMI is available on a diverse range of products, from gadgets to fashion and home essentials to personal items. All you have to do is just ensure that your checkout value meets the minimum requirement and that you have only one item in your cart during checkout.

Meeting the EMI Criteria

A few conditions should be kept in mind before opting for Daraz EMI. Your cart should have a single item with a total value equal to or less than your credit card’s available credit limit. Importantly, 0% EMI is applicable on individual products, not the total cart value. Don’t forget to call your bank within 15 days of payment, and within 7 working days, you’ll see the installment reflected on your credit card statement. If you already have an EMI plan on your card, make sure to clear it before opting for Daraz EMI as existing plans might hinder your ability to enjoy the benefits of this service.

Returns and Cancellations

Worried about returns or cancellations? Don’t worry; the transaction is reversed on your credit card within 10 working days in case of a return. Charges for this reversal may vary by bank, and it’s crucial to call the bank to notify them of the cancellation.

Bank Partners for EMI

Daraz EMI

0% Daraz EMI is available on Nabil Bank Limited, NIC Asia Bank Limited, Machhapuchhre Bank Limited, and Citizens Bank Limited credit cards. Sanima Bank Limited and NMB Bank Limited support standard EMI.

With transparency, accessibility, and versatility, Daraz EMI empowers shoppers to indulge in their desires without compromising financial prudence. Whether you’re eyeing the latest tech gadget or upgrading your wardrobe, Daraz EMI paves the way for a more affordable and enjoyable shopping experience. Explore the world of possibilities today!

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