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New User On Daraz? Here’s How You Can Score A Good Deal With Prepayment

Are you new to Daraz and its online marketplace? If yes, then there are several features that you should know while using this shopping platform. And if not, this might be an already acknowledged benefit. Prepayment, one of the most secure payment methods in Daraz, has come with its overwhelming offer. And whether you are an existing Daraz App User or not, this deal will pull your shopping spree toward the platform.

Prepayment: New User Focus With No App

If you have no Daraz App, then it’s recommended to download the app via Playstore (for Android) and Applestore (iPhone). The new users who download and purchase their favorite product via the Daraz App will now be eligible to get 20% off Rs. 200 with no minimum spend.

It appears a good deal to the new Daraz User as there is an additional offer to the designated USP. Customers can also grab an extra Rs. 50 Off on Prepayment via their digital wallets, such as eSewa, IME Pay, and Bank Cards.

Prepayment: New User With Daraz App

Users with prior acknowledgment of the Daraz App should be able to surf through the platform easily. While purchasing the products you like on Daraz, you can still grab 15% Off Max Rs. 200 (minimum spend Rs. 999). Similarly, you can get an extra Rs. 50 Off on Prepayment via eSewa, IME Pay, and Bank Cards.

If you do not know how to collect these discount vouchers via Prepayment on Daraz App, follow the below-listed steps:

(Note: In case of any problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Daraz’s Customer Care)


Similarly, here is how you can save your card (Credit & Debit) on Daraz App:


Prepayment: The Hidden Perks of Prepaying Your Orders on Daraz

If you’re an avid online shopper on Daraz, you might have encountered the term “prepayment” during checkout. Prepayment means paying for your order before it is delivered to you. This method has become popular because of its benefits, like faster delivery times, exclusive discounts, and security.

While the digital era has become more and more upgraded, digital transaction also comes as one of the features of it. Prepayment on Daraz is a convenient and hassle-free way to shop online, and with just a few clicks, you can make payment using several digital wallets, such as debit/credit cards, eSewa, and IME Pay. Moreover, prepayment reduces the risk of fraud and increases transparency as you receive a receipt for your payment.

Benefits of Prepayment on Daraz

We would not suggest prepayment while purchasing your favorite products for nothing. It has some great benefits while shopping on Daraz. Whether you are looking forward to buying a single product or making a bulk purchase, prepaying is always safe, trustworthy, and sound. Here are some benefits you can expect while preparing your purchase on Daraz.

Ease of Order Payment

Prepayment is always accessible and hassle-free while purchasing products on Daraz. If you have done ‘Add to Cart’ after selecting your favorite products on Daraz App/Website, you will get the interface for the prepayment option on the next step. There are three prepayment methods on Daraz: via Bank Cards, IME Pay, and eSewa.


Customers can use any bank card on Daraz to prepay for the ordered items. Similarly, eSewa and IME Pay are the easiest payment methods on the platform. These digital wallets are easy to use, secure, and trustworthy, so there is no need to worry about the potential hassles associated with payment.

Discount Vouchers

Prepayment on Daraz is also the best way to score exciting Discount Vouchers. While purchasing on the platform, you will be redirected to the cart section, where you can see an interface for ‘Apply Vouchers.’ There is also the voucher toggle hanging at the top of your cart section. You can click the ‘Collect’ button to get these vouchers and apply for the cost deduction.

The most exciting part is that vouchers will be automatically deducted when you checkout from the cart. But the critical thing to remember is that you can grab bank discounts via prepayment. 

(Even though you are not interested in prepaying for your products, you can still get other deals apart from the bank vouchers.)

To Know How To Collect Bank Vouchers, Read This Blog: How To Collect Bank Vouchers on Daraz?

Daraz Life

Trusted Payment Methods

Daraz has eSewa, IME Pay, and Bank Cards for prepayment. You can trust these payment methods as they are secured and confidential. The payment data are not revealed anywhere, so your privacy is protected, and the probability of scams is zero.

Proudly Nepali

Proudly Nepali | Supporting Nepali Sellers and Products

Proudly Nepali, the name itself means a lot when it comes to online sales of products on Daraz. Daraz offers a platform for numerous products under it that are manufactured in Nepal and distributed to customers all over the country. And the motive behind its venture also aligns with the company’s motto, which is to uplift Nepali Sellers and Nepali Products.

You can surf Daraz App/Website to score a local purchase that is high quality, durable, and budget-friendly. Here are what you should know about Proudly Nepali!

Proudly Nepali | History And Mission

Proudly Nepali was started in June 2022 on the Daraz Platform, hoping to serve its customers with top-notch and quality Nepali products online. While Daraz Nepal serves as the best platform to grow small and medium businesses on a local level, Proudly Nepali is the golden addon to take it to the next level.

The major of Proudly Nepali is to empower Nepali sellers and Nepali products. With that, it includes more than 300 Nepali brands and SMEs nationwide. Similarly, another motive of this platform is to avail local products to the customers at a reasonable price, hoping to build brand trust, visibility, and increased sales and revenue.

Highlighting Partnerships of Proudly Nepali

One of the primary reasons for starting Proudly Nepali was to create an inclusive marketplace comprising local products and services from different vendors. Hence, the initiation has served well, and now Proudly Nepali has more than 300 Nepali Brands under it, offering a wide range of products.

Similarly, it has worked for women’s inclusivity in different businesses and entrepreneurship. Working with that, Proudly Nepali has partnered with FNCCI, NYEF, UNICEF, SWADF, and other organizations to widen its reach to SMEs. Similarly, the platform has conducted over 15 workshops to empower women entrepreneurs in the past ten months.

Proudly Nepali Products You Should Consider Buying

Basantapur-1 Purse For Women

Basantapur-1 Purse For Women

A Nepali brand makes Basantapur-1 Purse with an international background. It is made from handloom cotton, which is high quality, durable, and easy to carry.

This purse is designed for women, and its authentic build attracts people the most. Similarly, it has a reasonable price of NRs. 600 on Daraz. It features Nepali cotton fabric with a unique carved button, which allows good ventilation to the inner compartments and gives it a fashionable and chic style.

Ramala Purse For Women

Proudly Nepali

If you are looking for a comfortable and durable mini bag to carry your keyrings, mobile phones, or other accessories, then Ramala Purse is the best choice. This product is proudly manufactured in Nepal using high-quality fabric cotton, which is also easy to carry and durable. So whether you are an avid traveler or office worker, it provides the best service.

Ramala Purse for women is 25cm x 14cm x 12cm, and it can fit inside your regular backpack. So there’s no need to worry about its carriage during your travel. It comes with a handmade timing belt piece inside a box, which costs only NRs—1750 on Daraz.

Hand Made Wooden Home Decor

 Proudly Nepali Hand Made Wooden Home Decor

Want to give your room a classy and premium look? Why not purchase a Hand Made Wooden Home Decor from Daraz? It only costs NRs. 6,999 and comes with an imprint of ancient Aakhijhayel Design.

It represents the arts and artifacts passed down from generation to generation in Nepal. This product is made of wood and serves best on your table or wall, giving an eye-pleasing look to your room and space. 

These products featured from Proudly Nepali are some of the picks from more than 300 sellers. You can go through the Proudly Nepali page on Daraz and purchase the product you like. You can also search for different deals and offers and score fruitful discounts during your purchase.

Happy Shopping! 

Nawa Barsha Utsav

Embrace the Savings | Celebrating NNY: Nawa Barsha Utsav Deals

Nepali New Year is near and it is often taken as an opportunity to have a fresh start for your ventures and life. Starting anew can be very exciting and to align with the ecstatic feelings, Daraz has brought NNY Campaign: “Nawa Barsha Utsav | Kinau Sabai Darazmai” to its customer. It is not only the day of New Year celebrations but also the celebration with a wide array of deals and offers.

What Daraz believes is the NNY Campaign is really a good opportunity to connect with its customers and sellers. Providing a wide range of discounts on products and services has really been a great part of the campaign now. So what are the discounts and offers you can grab during NNY Campaign: Nawa Barsha Utsav?

Here are some of them!!

Discounts And Offers During NNY Campaign

Mega Giveaway And Prepayment

Nepali New Year (NNY) campaign has the best deal to offer and that is the Mega Giveaway package. While you embark on the shopping spree on Daraz, you can get a chance to win a Mega Giveaway prize of Realme GT2 Pro worth Rs. 109,999.

Besides that, you can score a fair sum of discounts on Prepayment via bank cards. If you are a cardholder of Nabil Bank, Global IME, NIC Asia, Sanima Bank, Nepal Bank, Prabhu Bank, and Nepal SBI Bank, you are entitled to 20% Off (Up To Rs. 1000). Similarly, you can get 10% Max Rs. 200 on prepayment via IME Pay and 10% Max Rs. 100 via eSewa.

Mega Deals And Mega Vouchers

The Nepali New Year campaign brings varied forms of deals and offers that you can enjoy without any hassle. During this campaign, customers can now grab Mega Deals of up to 70% off while purchasing their favorite products on Daraz. 

Not only that but while buying the essential items you can also obtain Mega Vouchers worth up to Rs. 5000. If you are looking forward to grabbing the best deals on Daraz, what can be a good move than purchasing products from the leading online marketplace of Nepal.

Who Are Our Brand Partners?

Several national and international brands have come together to make this NNY campaign successful. Brands like WOW, Sunsilk, Better, Talo, Sunra, and Fancyra have come forth as Diamond Partners while Ganapati Jewellers, Astaberry, X-Age, Rohto, Plum, Brillaire, Mamaearth, and Basemark are the Gold Partners of NNY Campaign.

You can enjoy every deal and offers that comes with the purchase of products from the above-listed brands. Other features of Daraz Nawa Barsha Utsav include Share & Win, Voucher Discounts, Add To Cart, and Category-wise discounts.

Banking Partners

For the successful delivery of the NNY campaign, Daraz has partnered with several banks for hassle-free payments and offers. Nabil Bank, Global IME, NIC Asia, Sanima Bank, Nepal Bank, Prabhu Bank, and Nepal SBI Bank are some of them.

Payment via the cards from the above-listed banks will shower you with a variety of prepayment discounts.

So your shopping experience at the start of the New Year 2080 is going to be a bash. Showered with lots of discounts and deals, you can get your favorite products at a reasonable price and even on Express Delivery without any hassle. So the time is still on – shop your essentials and score the utmost deals on Daraz.

Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!!!

What Happened at the Annual Daraz Seller Summit 2023?

If you were not one of the lucky guests in attendance at the annual Daraz Seller Summit on March 19th, 2023 at Silver Oak Banquet, Kathmandu, you might be feeling a bit of FOMO. Worry not, however, as we are here to briefly break down everything you may have missed.

The main agenda of this event was to thank all the sellers on the Daraz platform for their support and commitment to Daraz. At the same time, the event was also a platform to recognize some of the top-performing sellers on Daraz. The event, hosted by fellow Darazians Rijesh Rajkarnikar and Riya Shrestha, featured various speech sessions by experts in their respective fields.

Keynote speakers included  Madhu Kumar Marasini, Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, and Shekhar Golcha, President of FNCCI as well as special guests Deepak Raj Joshi, Ramchandra Tiwari, Praveen Rukshan, Homenath Bhattrai, Bhesh Bahadur Kunwar, Laxman Humagain, Shankar Singh Dhami, Sudesh Upadhyaya, Govinda Ghimire, and Sunita Kayastha.

Aanchal Kunwar, Managing Director of Daraz Nepal, addressed the audience during the summit. She discussed the company’s accomplishments in the past year, outlined the vision for the future year, and highlighted the company’s efforts to uplift communities through the power of commerce. She expressed that the company “wants to be an active channel of change and a stepping stone in this dialogue.”

Furthermore, Shekhar Golcha shared his views and perspective on e-commerce and the digital economy. He outlined the pros and cons of the e-commerce bill and how the next decade will look for Nepal’s e-commerce industry. Similarly, the Chief Operating Officer of Daraz Nepal, Bimal Aryal, also took the stage. He spoke about improvements that Daraz has undertaken in the last few years from an operations perspective.

Additional speakers included Sunita Kayastha, Emergency Specialist at Unicef, and Govinda Ghimire, DCEO of NMB Bank, who also announced that Daraz sellers will now be able to receive collateral-free loans from the bank.

The event also featured an award ceremony. Daraz awarded a special trophy and Daraz vouchers worth Rs. 10,000 to the top sellers of the past year during the ceremony.

The Seller Summit concluded on a high note, reaffirming Daraz’s commitment to continuing to offer its sellers and customers high-quality services. The amazing annual Daraz Seller Summit organizers thanked the chief guests, key speakers, sellers, and partners (UNICEF, NMB Bank, Worldlink, KASA) for their participation and support in the event.

In the past five years that Daraz has been providing services to Nepal, it has succeeded in creating a reliable, useful, and popular marketplace to meet locals’ demands. With over 18,000+ sellers, 15 lakh active app users per month, and deliveries to 101 cities in Nepal, Daraz has quickly revolutionized the e-commerce space.

Celebrate Love Offers: Immerse Yourself In Saving Deals

Celebrity Love 2023 is here with a bang, and the grandeur of offers at Daraz awaits you. The tagline “Gifting To Express Love” speaks to the value of celebrating love by giving special presents to your dear one. So what are the offers you are getting from Daraz? Let’s find out!!

Mega Vouchers Up To NRs. 5000

Celebrate Love with Daraz has its arm open to its customers with discount vouchers up to NRs. 5000. Vouchers are not strange in the Daraz world, and by now, you must already have heed about collecting the vouchers to get more discounts on this Celebrity Love Campaign from February 5 to February 14.

Celebrate Love

Mega Giveaway

Mega Giveaway is what makes the Daraz Campaign fruitful. This time on Celebrate Love, Daraz has brought the Mega Giveaway offer of a Shree Balaji Diamond pendant worth Rs. 150,000. Does that not ring a bell to go with a shopping cart on Daraz online? You can do unlimited shopping and try to win the Mega Giveaway offer – may luck be on your side.

Bank Partner Discount

Daraz partners with multiple banks on every campaign; this time, it has partnered with Jyoti Bikash Bank. Celebrate Love offers up to NRs. 750 discount in shopping with your bank cards. You can save your Jyoti Bikash Bank card on the payment interface and use it as a default payment system. On your multiple shopping swing, you can enjoy the discount relish.

Wide Range of Discounts

Celebrity Love does not only stand for celebration with purchase – it comes with a wide array of discounts to ease your shopping experience in Daraz. If you are to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Week with Daraz, you can get up to 60% discount on your shopping. Similarly, Daraz offers pre-payment discounts of up to 15% from February 5 to February 14.

Brand Partners

Partnerships are common in Daraz Campaigns – throughout the year, Daraz has partnered with several brands, and for the Celebrate Love, it has aligned with WOW, Cetaphil, OnePlus, Fancyra, Masala Beads, and Pebbles Nepal. All the brand partners offer exclusive deals on Celebrate Love Campaign from February 4 to February 14.

Most importantly, Oneplus has its exclusive launch on February 8 – pre-book starts from the 7th of February.

The WOW and Fancyra follow Celebrate Love with up to 50% off on their products. Similarly, Pebbles Nepal has upgraded its offer with up to a 60% discount. Masala Beads come with up to 15% off, and Cetaphil offers up to 5% discounts on their products.

New User Vouchers

If you are on the verge of making the first Daraz Shopping Experience, you can save up to NRs. 200. Make sure you get into your first shopping with Daraz to get the discount.

Celebrate Love

Celebrate Love With Daraz: Who Are Our Brand Partners?

The exciting love campaign on Daraz, Celebrate Love, is now on. And with no surprise, it comes with several offers and deals such as Mega Vouchers up to Rs. 5000, Mega Giveaway prizes, pre-payment discounts, and many more.

Several national and international brands have helped Daraz operate Celebrate Love successfully. But who are they? We are here to talk about those brands and give some notion about them. Their products might be the ones to get on your bucket list this Valentine’s Week. Make sure to go along with the deals and offers with the love campaign.

Mega Giveaway Partner

Shree Balaji Diamond

This time on Celebrate Love, Daraz has partnered with Shree Balaji Diamond. It is no strange name in the jewelry franchise in Nepal – Shree Balaji Diamond is the first online jewelry store in Nepal that deals with products like bands, engagement rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

On Celebrate Love with Daraz, you can be the lucky winner to win a Diamond Pendant from Shree Balaji Diamond.

Discount Partners

OnePlus Nepal

One Plus Nepal has been active for around a decade, serving the best smartphones and accessories to us. On this Valentine’s Week with Daraz, the brand is celebrating love with an exclusive launch of the One Plus 11.

If you are planning to get a new flagship smartphone from One Plus, pre-orders are open from February 7. Get the new smartphone from Daraz and celebrate love in style.

WOW Skin Science Nepal

Wow Skin Science With Celebrate Love

WOW Skin Science Nepal is one of the leading brands in Nepal that deals with beauty products. It deals with the service of skincare, haircare, bath, and body care products.

On Celebrate Love with Daraz, you can secure up to 50% off while you shop WOW Skin Science products. Get ready to bookmark your order schedule with WOW products on Daraz this Valentine’s Day.


Celebrate Love Offer by Cetaphil

While beauty and skincare come into your daily routine, Cetaphil is one of the pushing brands to help you with it. This time in Daraz, you can get up to a 5% discount on your shopping relish with Cetaphil.

Make sure you purchase essential moisturizers – summer is not that far, and you might be in need. So think fast and align with Celebrate Love with Daraz to get the most out of your shopping experience.

Masala Beads Nepal

Masala Beads

Masala Beads is one of Nepal’s oldest and leading fashion and jewelry brands, serving for more than two and a half decades. Since its launch in 1997, the brand has made itself a home to deals in fashion wear, jewelry, home decor, and mobile accessories.

Masala Beads has offered up to 15% Flat Off on this Valentine’s Day special, Celebrate Love. Ensure your shopping with Daraz and get your loved ones a perfect gift from Masala Beads to get the offer in your hand.

Pebbles Nepal

Pebbles Nepal

Pebbles Nepal comes with the biggest deals and offers with Daraz online shopping this Valentine’s Day. With a keen lean over the Celebrate Love Campaign, Pebbles Nepal offers up to 60% Off in your shopping experience.

Since the brand has been providing clothing and jewelry service in Nepal for years, you can opt for its product to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Fancyra Nepal

Celebrate Love

Would it not be lovely to present an emblem of Love via the products of Fancyra? While Fancyra’s fashion wear has been the top priority around the youth circle, it suits your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Fancyra’s partnership with Daraz on Celebrate Love comes with a deal of up to 50% Off in your shopping experience. Cherish Valentine’s Day with a perfect Fancyra gift for your love interest.

So, we have presented our brand partners for the Celebrate Love with Daraz Campaign from February 5 to February 14 – we wish you a happy shopping and a happy Valentine’s Day.

Popular New Year’s Resolutions and How to Keep Them

New year, new me is a concept most of us are all too well acquainted with. At the start of every new year, it’s very common to think about the 52 weeks ahead and plan for self-improvement and fulfillment. Some people aim high with their resolutions, while others set goals they know they will surely meet.

It’s also important that we don’t stay stuck in our old ways for too long, because if you don’t change anything about your life at least once every year or two, then you’ll never really grow as an individual or reach your full potential. So here are some tips on how to keep those New Year’s resolutions!

Eat Healthier

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions people make is improving their eating habits. If you’re looking for a way to save time and money when shopping for food, then a grocery delivery service like Daraz Mart may be just what you need. Not only will you get access to all your pantry essentials at an affordable price, but you can also get them delivered right to your door!

Work Out

Investing in equipment like dumbells, a treadmill, or even just some skipping rope can make working out every day much easier.

Dumbbells are great for building muscle and cardio workouts, while the treadmill is good for your legs and cardiovascular health. And if you want to start simple, you can’t go wrong with skipping rope.

Read More

The first step to making reading part of your new year’s resolution is to find a book that interests you. If you haven’t picked up a book in a while, the best place to start is with an old favorite! If there are specific topics that interest you, try looking up recommendations online.

Once you’ve chosen a few titles, consider how difficult they’ll be for your reading level before making any decisions about purchasing them: do not buy something too challenging because those hard-to-read pages could become overwhelming quickly!

Pick Up A New Hobby

If you’re looking to make new year resolutions that will last beyond January 1st, this is one of the best ways to do it! Whether you want to dip your toe into the world of music or grab a pencil and start sketching your heart out, it’s never a bad idea to pick up a new hobby or even revisit an old one.

If you want to succeed, it’s important to have the right tools. The right tools will encourage you to keep going when times get tough. They’ll help you do what needs doing and see that all of your hard work has made a difference in some way or another—and they can make a big difference in how long it takes before we finally reach our goals! Whatever steps take you there, remember that the key is not just making these changes this year but sticking with them as well!

Brand and Payment Partners for Daraz 12.12

Are you ready to end the year with a big bang? As the final big, grand, exciting sale of 2022 approaches, we know you’re wondering what Daraz has to offer for 12.12. Which is why we’re here to tell you to hold onto your hats and get ready for amazing discounts of up to 70%, prepayment discounts of up to Rs. 1212, irresistible deals, offers, and more on your Daraz orders.

From collecting Gems and joining Daraz Club to quickly snagging up mega vouchers worth up to Rs. 7000, there are dozens of ways to save big. This blog, however, will focus on two particular methods that will save you a lot. Bank and Brand Partner discounts.

Need new electronics? Check these out!

Payment Partner Discounts

How to Collect

Before we start discussing the prepayment vouchers that can help you save up to 12% during 12.12, we need to ensure you know how to take advantage of these irresistible discounts. First, activate your debit and credit cards to use them for online purchases. Simply get in touch with your bank and request them to activate your card for e-commerce transactions. Then, remember to follow these steps before checking out your order:

  1. Click on ‘Recharge and Payment’ and collect the wallet or bank discount voucher you wish to use.
  2. Check out your purchase and proceed to pay via your selected bank card or wallet.
  3. Enjoy up to 12% off your purchase during Daraz 12.12!

Now that you know how to get this special discount, let’s look at our 12.12 Payment Partners!

Bank Partners

  1. Everest Bank Limited (EBL) – 10% (up to Rs. 1000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 12% (up to Rs. 1212) off on Credit Card prepayment.
  2. Nabil Bank Limited (NABIL) – 10% (up to Rs. 1000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 12% (up to Rs. 1212) off on Credit Card prepayment made between 7 PM – 7:30 PM only on December 12, 2022.
  3. NMB Bank Limited (NMB) – 10% (up to Rs. 1000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 12% (up to Rs. 1212) off on Credit Card prepayment.
  4. Sanima Bank Limited (SANIMA) – 10% (up to Rs. 1000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 12% (up to Rs. 1212) off on Credit Card prepayment made between 2 PM – 3 PM.
  5. Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank – 10% (up to Rs. 1000) off on Debit Card prepayment.

Wallet Discounts

Just as with the banks mentioned above, Daraz has partnered with IMEPay to provide customers with 12% off up to Rs. 333 on digital wallet prepayments made during 12.12. Enjoy the special prepayment discount between 8 AM to 8:30 AM and 6 PM to 6:30 PM during 12.12.

Brand Partner Discounts

You didn’t think we forgot about our impressive brand partners for Daraz 12.12, did you? No way! Daraz is excited to announce the fantastic brands we’ve partnered with for 12.12 to unleash the shopaholic in you. Don’t forget, you can collect brand discount vouchers by visiting the store pages of each of the brands listed below! Now, without further ado, here are the brands you can start adding to your cart right away:

Diamond Partners

  • Baltra – Up to 20% off + free shipping
  • WOW – Flat 20% off + free shipping
  • Skyworth – Up to 37% off + free shipping
  • Panasonic – Up to 15% off + free shipping

Gold Partners

  • Mamaearth – Up to 50% off, Min flat 5% off + free shipping
  • Fancyra – Up to 50% Off + free shipping
  • Jeanswest – Up to 40% Off + free shipping

There you have it, the payment and brand partners of this year’s 12.12 sale on Daraz. Now that you know all about these tempting discount offers hurry up and fill your carts with all your favorite products and enjoy amazing discounts ASAP.

You don’t want to miss Daraz 12.12 and pass up on already reduced rates and extra discount vouchers. Happy Shopping!

Place Your First Order & Get Rs. 200 Off*

You’ve probably heard about Daraz through the grapevine, but if you’re still unsure of what it is, we’re here to help. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name is undoubtedly a piece of furniture, and although we do sell closets on our site, Daraz is much more than that.

What is Daraz?

Daraz is the top e-commerce platform in Nepal, providing products to meet the needs and demands of thousands of customers across the country. It offers a diverse range of products, including clothing, technology, home and living, health and beauty, and more under one roof. Customers can shop for whatever they want from whichever brand they prefer from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to Daraz.

How to Sign Up

Now that you understand what Daraz is and how it works, you may be considering opening an account. The process is super simple.

  • Visit www.daraz.com.np or download the Daraz App.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” icon on the homepage.
  • Once you are redirected to the “Create your Daraz Account” page, click into each labeled box, entering your name, phone number, and password.
  • Finally, click “Sign Up”.

How To Make First Pre-Payment For Rs. 200 Off* On Daraz?

If you do not know about the process to make your first pre-payment on Daraz, let us give you a short kick-off. Here is a detailed and step-by-step process to make the pre-payment for Rs. 200 Off on the Daraz platform.

If you opt to buy this product via your Debit/Credit Card, here is the process:

  • Choose your product
  • Proceed To Pay
  • Tap On Debit/Credit Card
  • Fill Out Your Details With CVC
  • Tap To Pay

(Note: Your card must be e-commerce enabled)

This is how your CVC number looks like

If you opt to buy products on Daraz via Digital Wallets like eSewa or IME Pay, you can follow the given process:

  • Choose your product
  • Proceed To Pay
  • Tap On eSewa/IME Pay
  • Fill Out Your Details
  • Tap To Pay

How to Get the Most out of Daraz

If you sign up for Daraz and place your very first order ASAP, you can get Rs. 200 Off*.


Daraz hosts a number of special sales and campaigns all year long so that customers can score fantastic discounts on their favorite products.


As soon as you create an account and sign up for Daraz, you can start saving immediately. Using special Daraz vouchers can help you get tons off your purchases. There are two types of vouchers available on Daraz: collectible and code. All new users can collect a special new user voucher to get up to Rs. 200 off their first purchase.

Daraz users can also enjoy discounts on prepayments made through specific bank cards. These hassle-free, safe, and secure prepayment methods help you save your money and keep your cash usage to a minimum. Plus, if you apply for a refund, your money will go right back into your account once approved.

Trusted Brands

Daraz Mall is an online mall launched by Daraz. It has a curated selection of leading international and local brands. Since all the brands are original and are from certified sellers, they guarantee shoppers only 100% authenticity. Daraz Mall mainly offers two promises to guarantee shoppers the highest-quality shopping experience:

100% authentic products

14-day hassle-free return policy


One of the best ways you can save big and enjoy exclusive benefits is by joining Daraz Club. The membership-based rewards program allows loyal Daraz customers to enjoy perks such as Gems redemption at checkout, Gems boost on all purchases, exclusive member vouchers, and even more gems boost during selected campaign times.

Daraz works hard to give customers the best online shopping experience possible. To meet all of your needs, the platform is updated regularly, and new products are constantly being added. For an unparalleled online shopping experience in Nepal, visit Daraz, and don’t forget to download the Daraz App.

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