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Daraz launches personas for its users

We all have different personalities, each unique in their own way. These personalities are attributed to most of our daily tasks or vice versa. We at Daraz have identified our users’ personalities based on your online shopping behaviours. You can find out what your Persona is by watching your “Daraz Journey” video on the app. This is a new feature launched by Daraz where users get a short and creative motion graphics video embedded with soothing music.

Based on your annual shopping behaviour you can fall into one of four categories. Here are each of the four personas explained to help you understand your Daraz Journey a little better:


If you made your first purchase in 2023, you might be an “Adventurer.”This is the title given to the buyers who made their first purchase on Daraz in 2023. It comes with a description “Embarked on a new adventure to explore and shop on Daraz”. When you read this message in the video, along with the music and motion graphics, it takes you into a whole new world, making you feel like you have joined a family by initiating a purchase from Daraz.

Fun Seeker:

Daraz doesn’t just provide the best shopping experience, it also provides a roller-coaster journey of entertainment to its users via various live shows and games like Daraz Candy. This particular segment is dedicated to users who enjoy both shopping and entertainment on Daraz. 

Savvy Shoppers:

Experienced and smart Daraz users who shopped and saved by engaging in various campaigns and games of Daraz are felicitated with this title. Since this title is provided to experienced shoppers, it is Daraz’s way of thanking its loyal customers for trusting the brand.

Window Shopper:

This is the title given to users who enjoy using Daraz but haven’t bought anything from the platform. Verified users who logged in 2023 but did not make a purchase are felicitated with this title. However, users who have not viewed any PDP in 2023 or have not searched for products are excluded from this title.

If you are also looking forward to getting your personas for 2024, Click on the link below and download the app now.

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