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What Happened at the Annual Daraz Seller Summit 2023?

If you were not one of the lucky guests in attendance at the annual Daraz Seller Summit on March 19th, 2023 at Silver Oak Banquet, Kathmandu, you might be feeling a bit of FOMO. Worry not, however, as we are here to briefly break down everything you may have missed.

The main agenda of this event was to thank all the sellers on the Daraz platform for their support and commitment to Daraz. At the same time, the event was also a platform to recognize some of the top-performing sellers on Daraz. The event, hosted by fellow Darazians Rijesh Rajkarnikar and Riya Shrestha, featured various speech sessions by experts in their respective fields.

Keynote speakers included  Madhu Kumar Marasini, Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, and Shekhar Golcha, President of FNCCI as well as special guests Deepak Raj Joshi, Ramchandra Tiwari, Praveen Rukshan, Homenath Bhattrai, Bhesh Bahadur Kunwar, Laxman Humagain, Shankar Singh Dhami, Sudesh Upadhyaya, Govinda Ghimire, and Sunita Kayastha.

Aanchal Kunwar, Managing Director of Daraz Nepal, addressed the audience during the summit. She discussed the company’s accomplishments in the past year, outlined the vision for the future year, and highlighted the company’s efforts to uplift communities through the power of commerce. She expressed that the company “wants to be an active channel of change and a stepping stone in this dialogue.”

Furthermore, Shekhar Golcha shared his views and perspective on e-commerce and the digital economy. He outlined the pros and cons of the e-commerce bill and how the next decade will look for Nepal’s e-commerce industry. Similarly, the Chief Operating Officer of Daraz Nepal, Bimal Aryal, also took the stage. He spoke about improvements that Daraz has undertaken in the last few years from an operations perspective.

Additional speakers included Sunita Kayastha, Emergency Specialist at Unicef, and Govinda Ghimire, DCEO of NMB Bank, who also announced that Daraz sellers will now be able to receive collateral-free loans from the bank.

The event also featured an award ceremony. Daraz awarded a special trophy and Daraz vouchers worth Rs. 10,000 to the top sellers of the past year during the ceremony.

The Seller Summit concluded on a high note, reaffirming Daraz’s commitment to continuing to offer its sellers and customers high-quality services. The amazing annual Daraz Seller Summit organizers thanked the chief guests, key speakers, sellers, and partners (UNICEF, NMB Bank, Worldlink, KASA) for their participation and support in the event.

In the past five years that Daraz has been providing services to Nepal, it has succeeded in creating a reliable, useful, and popular marketplace to meet locals’ demands. With over 18,000+ sellers, 15 lakh active app users per month, and deliveries to 101 cities in Nepal, Daraz has quickly revolutionized the e-commerce space.

Introducing Daraz Club – Join for Exclusive Benefits & Rewards

Daraz is excited to announce the introduction of Daraz Club, a brand-new membership program available on the Daraz App. Join Daraz Club for exclusive benefits, boosted rewards, and irresistible discounts on your orders. In this blog, we will go over what Daraz Club is, how you can join, and what benefits it offers.

What is Daraz Club?

If you’re familiar with the Gems redemption system on Daraz, you’ll have no problem understanding Daraz Club. The club is a combination of the Gems rewards system and a customer loyalty membership program. By being a member of the program, customers will receive exclusive benefits including higher gem redemption, boosted rewards, and vouchers. With the help of these benefits, customers can get extra discounts on their orders and save more.

Daraz Club is accessible through the Daraz App on both iOS and android devices. Users can find the loyalty program page through their accounts page or the gems icon on the homepage.

How to Join Daraz Club?

If you would like to join Daraz Club, make sure to collect at least 2,500 gems by December 31, 2022. You can collect gems after every Daraz purchase you make. Once you have collected the required number of gems, you will automatically be enlisted as a member of Daraz Club. Then, you can start making the most of your exclusive benefits.

After December 31, the minimum number of gems you have to collect to be eligible to join the club will be increased to 3,500. If you already have gems in your account, you will have to redeem them by December 31, after which only Daraz Club members will be able to use gems to get discounts during checkout.

To qualify for Daraz Club, you will need to collect the required number of gems within a particular period, either between January 1 and June 30, or between July 1 and December 31.

How to Check Membership Status?

At the top of the loyalty page, you will be able to see the membership status section. This will show you your tier status as well as how much progress you need to make to become a member or maintain your membership status. It will show you the exact number of gems you need to earn to meet your goal.

Right next to the earning progress bar, you will also be able to see your membership validity period, which will always be at least 6 months. As soon as you qualify, you will enjoy the benefits of being a Daraz Club member for the current period as well as the next period.

What Benefits Do Daraz Club Members Get?

Members Non-members
Gems redemption during checkout Gems redemption during checkout until Dec 31st
Accelerated Gems earned on all purchases Accelerated Gems earned during selected campaigns
Extra Gems boost during selected campaigns
Exclusive member vouchers

Make the most of your online shopping experience on Daraz by joining the club and gaining access to deals, discounts, and rewards. Start earning and collecting Gems now to become a Daraz Club member as soon as you can!

How To Collect Bank Vouchers on Daraz?

Let’s talk about how you can collect Bank Discount Vouchers on Daraz. Now you must be wondering – wait, I already know how to collect vouchers, I’ve been doing it for a long time now OR I don’t need to know how to collect vouchers and so forth. Yes, you might be right but we’re just giving you a quick heads up cause at present, collecting Bank discounts is a bit different. Regardless, let’s look at how to collect bank vouchers so you can get some additional discounts on your next purchase.

Before we talk about the bank vouchers, let me first talk about Bank Days so that you’ll find it easier to understand later with ease. For four days a week, Daraz customers can enjoy additional discounts on their online purchases. During those days, 5 different leading banks of Nepal will be offering certain discounts on debit/credit card prepayment. Customers must shop on those selected dates and must prepay via debit/credit card to obtain the discounts. Details about the Bank Days are mentioned below.

  • Sunday: Up to 10% off (Max. Rs. 350 on wallet) from IME PAY
  • Monday: Up to 10% off (Max Rs. 500) for new daraz users with Saved Card on file from VISA
  • Wednesday: Up to 10% off (Max Rs.500) on Debit Card/ Up to 15% off ( Max. 500) on Credit Card from NIC Asia Bank
  • Thursday: Up to 15% off (Max. 500) on Credit Card from Himalayan Bank
  • Thursday: Up to 10% off (Max Rs.500) on Debit Card/ Up to 15% off ( Max. 500) on Credit Card from Mega Bank
  • Friday: Up to 10% off (Max Rs.500) on card prepayment. (Applicable on all products) from Nabil Bank
  • Saturday: Up to 10% off (Max Rs.500) on card prepayment. (Applicable on all products) Standard Chartered Bank

If you want to collect today’s Bank Day voucher, CLICK the link below.

Now let’s move on to collecting bank vouchers. There are two different ways you’ll be able to find the Bank Voucher discounts, we’ll be talking about both.


The first step to no one’s surprise is to open the Daraz app or the website. After that, you’ll come across a slider showing which Bank is offering discounts on that particular day. Check out the image for reference.

Once you see the slider featuring the bank day, proceed by clicking on it. You’ll then be redirected to a new page.


Once you’re redirected to a new page, you see a section called voucher (as shown in the image below). Under Vouchers, you’ll be able to scroll to see that particular day’s Bank Day discount.

From there onwards, just click on your choice of voucher either Debit or Credit, and collect your voucher.


The final step is now to simply proceed to payment. The voucher that you just collected will automatically be applied during checkout.

Well, that was the first way to identify and collect bank vouchers, the second way to do is,


Once you open the Daraz app or the website, you’ll see a small icon named Big Savers (As shown below). Click on the icon and you’ll be redirected to a different page where you’ll be able to collect your vouchers.


From there onwards, you’ll be redirected to the following page where you’ll be able to find that particular day’s bank voucher on offer. Simply click on Collect and you’re voucher is collected. That’s it. The next step? Just pay and your voucher will be applied automatically.

So there you have it. That’s how you collect Bank Vouchers on Daraz. It’s simple, easy and it’s amazing. So download the Daraz app if you haven’t already and start shopping today.

Happy Shopping

BANK DISCOUNTS for NNY – Celebrate the New Year with Daraz

New Year is just a week away but an even more exciting event is coming even sooner – Daraz Nawa Barsha 2079! Daraz’s Nepali New Year Campaign is set to start from Monday, April 11, 2022. Get ready to enjoy discounts, deals, offers and more on your orders for NNY.

New Year

Don’t worry if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of deals on Daraz. We’re here to help you figure everything out, starting with one simple offer to cut up to 15% off your New Year’s shopping! Make sure to prepay for your Daraz order using your debit or credit card from one of the following 15 leading banks of Nepal and watch the price of your purchase drastically drop.

These are our Bank Partner Discounts for Nepali New Year 2079!

  1. Bank of Kathmandu (BOKL) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  2. Century Commercial Bank (CCBL) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  3. Mega Bank Nepal (MEGA) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  4. Nepal Bank (NBL) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  5. Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank (NCC) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  6. NIC Asia Bank (NICA) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  7. Nepal Investment Bank (NIBL) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  8. NMB Bank (NMB) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  9. Sanima Bank (SANIMA) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  10. Siddhartha Bank (SBL) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  11. Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  12. Sunrise Bank (SRBL) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment & 15% (up to Rs. 1,500) off on Credit Card prepayment
  13. Jyoti Bikash Bank (JBBL) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment
  14. Muktinath Bikas Bank– 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment
  15. Shangri-la Development Bank (SADBL) – 10% (up to Rs. 1,000) off on Debit Card prepayment


But wait, there’s more!

To make shopping even more convenient this New Year, Daraz is also providing EMI service so that customers may purchase products with their credit card and pay in small installments at 0% interest and 0 down payment.

Additionally, if you pay through eSewa or IMEPay during the first half-hour of the campaign, you can also get a special 10% discount up to Rs. 1,000. After the 30 minutes have passed, you can still get up to 10% off your Daraz order but only up to Rs. 750. With already lowered prices paired with discount vouchers, bank discounts, and eSewa/IMEPay discounts, this New Year campaign is one you definitely don’t want to miss!

Just remember, in order to pay via your debit and credit card, you must first activate the card to make it eligible for e-commerce transactions. But don’t worry, it’s very easy. Simply contact your concerned bank and ask them to activate your card. They’ll take care of the rest and you can start shopping.

Click here to learn more about the campaign. Happy New Year & Happy Shopping!

Brands to Look Out for during Daraz Nawa Barsha 2079 Campaign

As we inch closer and closer to Nepali New Year, it’s time for you to prepare yourself for all the deals Daraz is dishing out for our Nawa Barsha 2079 Campaign. Starting April 11, 2022, you will be able to shop from some of the biggest brands on Daraz without having to double and triple-check your bank balance. Enjoy amazing discounts and unbelievable offers from our exclusive brand partners for the new year! Here are the brands you can start adding to your cart right away:

Nawa Barsha 2079 Diamond Partners

Nawa Barsha

Our lovely diamond partners for NNY 2022 are Aamayra Fashion House, Converse Nepal, realme, and WOW. With unbelievably amazing discounts including up to 70% on Aamayra, up to 60% on Converse, and from 10 to 20% off WOW products, we expect these brands to fill up your cart.

What’s even more exciting is that, on this occasion, we are also launching a brand new realme product on Daraz and offering free shipping on everything from the brand. So, get your thumbs ready to tap, tap, tap before someone else swoops in with faster fingers.

Nawa Barsha 2079 Platinum Partners

Our platinum partners are a fancy bunch indeed. Consisting of Apple, Philips, CG Digital, Beardo, Lotto Sports Nepal, and Masala Beads, you’ll be able to grab everything from clothes and accessories to appliances and electronics. Discounts offered range from 10% off to up to 60% off, so keep your eye on your favorite items and you might just get an awesome deal.

Nawa Barsha 2079 Gold Partners

All that glitters may not be gold but our gold partners are definitely worth 24 carats. Juas, Erke, MeeMee Nepal, Konka and Force, QNU Furnitures, Rohto Mentholatum Nepal, Mantra Nepal, and Piazzaitalia are the eight brands that make up this tier. Enjoy up to 50% off on organic health foods, outfits, baby products, instruments, home appliances, furniture, fashion, and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Start adding your favorite products from these brands to your cart today and, in just a few days, watch as their prices drop in celebration of a New Year. Click here to learn more about our Nawa Barsha 2079 Campaign.

Happy Shopping!

IME Pay & Daraz Jointly Announce Special Sunday Discounts

Daraz, Nepal’s leading online marketplace has signed an agreement with IME Pay to launch IME Pay Days every Sunday starting from 27th February. With this, Daraz & IME Pay users will enjoy additional discounts of up to 10% (max Rs. 350) every Sunday when paying via their IME Pay Wallet.


This agreement was signed by Mr. Arun Phuyal, Head of Digital Payment and Partnership, and Pramod Man Singh Basnyat, Assistant General Manager, IME Pay.    

“We’re very excited to have been able to partner with IME Pay to announce IME Pay Day. The main aim of this partnership is to offer customers additional reasons to opt for a digital platform to shop while at the same time also to help the Nepalese e-commerce ecosystem grow to new heights.”- Arun Phuyal, Head of Digital Payment and Partnership, Daraz Nepal

Customers must collect the IME Pay wallet vouchers via the Daraz app or website. The collected vouchers will be automatically applied during checkout.

If you have any further queries that you would like answered, kindly reach out to our Daraz Sewa Sathi @ 015970597.

If you want to learn how to pay via IME Pay on Daraz, check out the blog below

Daraz Nepal Names Aanchal Kunwar As Its New Managing Director

Nepal’s leading online marketplace, Daraz Nepal, has named Aanchal Kunwar as its very first female Managing DirectorDaraz CEO Bjarke Mikkelsen announced the news through Linkedin. No sooner than which several congratulatory notes and good wishes came pouring in from the Nepali public and media.  

“I feel privileged and honored for this opportunity to lead a very talented group of professionals in creating a world-class online shopping experience for my fellow Nepalese people. Daraz’s rapid growth and impact on the Nepali e-commerce industry are evident even from a distance. Thus, I feel very excited to be a part in establishing Daraz Nepal as a household name and a one-stop solution for all our customers’ shopping needs. As Darazians, we will continue to live by our strong values and purpose of uplifting our communities through the power of commerce.” said Aanchal

Born and raised in Nepal, Aanchal has an M.B.A. from the Carlson School of Management, a B.S. in Mathematics & Economics from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. During her 13+ years in the US corporate sector, she worked for various leading companies such as Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) and e-commerce pioneer, Amazon, where she worked in establishing the company in new markets like Sweden, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.  

After a long and successful career in the US, Aanchal will be leading Daraz Nepal at a time when the company enters a new phase of growth. This also happens to be at a time when the company is going through a rebranding. Further, with her appointment, all of Daraz’s operating countries now have native MDs.  

Bjarke Mikkelsen, the CEO and founder at Daraz Group said “As we move forward into our next phase of growth, our focus is to create a greater sense of connectivity with our customers and sellers. I look forward to working with Aanchal, along with our other country MDs, to create more exploratory and personalized experiences for our users as they bring their local perspectives, experiences, and insights to continue to drive our business forward.” 

Ms. Kunwar will be taking office as incumbent MD Lino Ahlering moves to a regional role at the Daraz Headquarters in Singapore. “This is a very exciting time for Daraz. It was a great honor to build e-commerce and lay the foundations for this industry in the country over the last 3.5 years. We have a fantastic team of more than 750 Darazians and the future for Daraz and e-commerce, in general, is going to be extremely bright. Given I will stay within the Daraz Group, it will be a very smooth transition in terms of management. I’m sure that Daraz will rise to even greater heights under Aanchal’s leadership and I wish her and the team only the best” said Ahlering 

Daraz Unveils New Brand Look-Moves Into Next Phase of Growth

Daraz, South Asia’s leading e-commerce platform, unveiled its new brand look today – building on a successful 2021 of significant progress for the company. 

Bjarke Mikkelsen, Founder, and CEO of Daraz Group said the launch marks an exciting step forward for the business.

Daraz has grown so much over the past seven years and as we move into the next chapter of our journey, now is the right time for us to evolve the brand to showcase how we are shifting gears as a business to drive a significantly enhanced customer experience.”

The new brand look still represents the elements that have always been part of our DNA – progress, innovation, exploration, and discovery. At the same time, it signifies a shift to a more personal experience that will allow us to create greater connectivity between buyers and sellers on our platform,” said Mikkelsen.

One of the main drivers to refresh the brand is Daraz’s ambition to make e-commerce a key part of people’s daily lives across its five markets in South Asia – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar.

We recognize that to achieve this ambition we need to create more personal experiences, ensure that we deliver quality products and services at each step of the customer journey, and create new avenues of entertainment and engagement for our customers. This brand refresh will play a key role in helping us elevate and evolve our offering across these crucial areas,” added Mikkelsen.

A key change is a new icon, which represents a package that is symbolic of how the e-commerce platform physically connects SME sellers to customers. At the center of the icon is an arrow that highlights the focus on progress and fast deliveries, but also resembles a “play button” symbolizing how Daraz is continually innovating to create a more dynamic content experience for users.

In addition to rebranding, Daraz Nepal has appointed Aanchal Kunwar as its new Managing Director (MD). Aanchal will take office as soon as incumbent MD Lino Ahlering moves to a regional role at the Daraz Headquarters in Singapore by the end of this month.

It is a New Year New Start for us at Daraz Nepal with the rebranding coupled with the management change as well. In the next phase of growth, we will continue to build on our values to deliver our promise to our customers and partners with a strong focus on innovation, customer experience, and personalization. We will live by our purpose of uplifting our communities through the power of commerce.” – said Aanchal.

As part of the new brand look, Daraz is also consolidating all of its brands under the overall Daraz umbrella brand to simplify the experience for customers. Daraz has also launched a new website, Daraz.com, that showcases the new brand and gives people a better understanding of who Daraz is and what it stands for.

Daraz Delivers Goods Via Safa Tempo on World Electric Vehicle Day

World Electric Vehicle Day is celebrated on the 9th of September every year. This special day marks the celebration of e-mobility and is a day set aside to educate people about the benefits of electronic vehicles. Drivers around the world are requested to recognize just how beneficial e-vehicles really are and how their actions could help lessen the environmental impact of fossil-based vehicles. But with that said, as the years go by, it is becoming more evident that people are becoming aware about the need to go electric. And as such, companies such as Tesla are becoming more and more popular.

Here in Nepal, the use of electric vehicle is slowly growing as evident by the growing number of electric vehicles in our roads. But long before any modern electric vehicle was ever introduced, we already had our very own electric mode of transportation – SAFA TEMPO. A small run of the mill vehicle that runs completely on electricity – more specifically through batteries. It was our past, it still is our present and it is clearly going to be our future. We can’t deny how convenient yet useful SAFA TEMPO is.

And so, on the occasion of World Electric Vehicle Day, Daraz as a socially responsible company extended its support to a cause that is sure to bring about a positive change in our society.


Daraz in collaboration with BijuliPower used two Safa Tempos to deliver all the orders during World Electric Vehicle Day. BijuliPower is a company that provides Safa tempos on hire for private use. This initiative was undertaken as a sign to show Daraz‘s solidarity for the global movement of a greener environment.

During the world electric vehicle day, Daraz used two Safa Tempos to deliver goods in two main areas within the valley. One Safa Tempo was used to deliver goods in all of Putalisadak area while the next one was used to deliver all throughout Lalitpur area.

A small action goes a long way in defining the future. It is our job as residents of planet earth to make sure that we do our best to protect it. Check out the vlog below to see how our DEX heroes delivered goods to our customers with Safa Tempos.


Daraz launches Nepal’s First In-App Shoppable LiveStream

Nepal’s leading online marketplace, Daraz has yet again revolutionized online shopping in a way that is sure to turn a lot of heads. Daraz yesterday, announced the launch of South Asia’s first in-app shoppable Livestream – Daraz Live which will now be available on the Daraz mobile application.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get to know what is Daraz Live and how we can make the most of this new in-app feature.


Daraz Live is Nepal’s first in-app shoppable Livestream launched by Daraz as part of its “Shoppertainment” strategy. The main focus here is to create a blend of retail and entertainment to present an innovative and fun experience for the customer where they can have a first-hand adjacent experience of brands, products right through the screens of their devices from the comfort of their home. Unlike the typical social media Livestream, Daraz Live will create a more seamless and interactive “See Now, Buy Now” experience for customers.

Customers will get the opportunity to get to know a lot about Daraz, its inner workings, and its various subbrands such as DarazMall, DMart, DFashion, and so forth via Daraz Live. Each edition of the Livestream will offer a unique yet informative experience for the customer. And what’s more, customers will now be able to obtain in-depth details about their favorite brand.

The Livestream hosts, while presenting any product will talk about all the relevant features in-depth to make sure that customers have all the information they need before making any purchase.

And to keep things more interesting and exciting, Daraz Live will also feature a lot of engaging and entertaining activities. From Q/A’s with influencers, to guess the features to giveaways, Daraz Live makes sure customers are entertained to the fullest.


Not only is Daraz Live a great platform for customers, but it is also a great place for sellers to engage with their customers. Let’s be straight here, an online seller does not have many opportunities to connect with their customer. The occasional hello hi will not help the seller in creating a bond with the customer. But through the Livestream, sellers will now get a chance to engage with their customers in real-time.

It will host a number of different Daraz sellers who will be able to interact with their customers with ease. In a similar fashion, the live stream is also a great chance to increase the sellers’ brand exposure. This will not only benefit the seller in the short run but will also help them in building a strong level of trust and connection with the customers.

Here’s what the Managing Director of Daraz Nepal, Lino Ahlering had to say about the launch of Daraz Live

The introduction of Daraz Live is the next step in creating a more vibrant and inclusive ecosystem here in Nepal. With Daraz Live we hope to achieve that by helping build a greater level of connection between the customer and the seller. We want to build a strong community where everybody has a platform to access any information that they are seeking when it comes to online shopping. We’re confident Daraz Live is that platform. And with that, we’re hopeful it will play a big part in helping the e-commerce ecosystem grow to new heights.”


Where Can I Find Daraz Live?

Daraz customers can find Daraz Live on the Daraz mobile application. All you will need to do is update your Daraz app. The app update for Android users is already available whereas IOS users can update their app from 6th September onwards. Follow the steps below once you update your app.

  1. Open the Daraz app
  2. Pull down from the top of the home page to refresh the app
  3. You will see a Daraz Live icon
  4. Click on the icon and you will then be able to view any ongoing live or previous live recordings


You can watch the Daraz Livestream every day from Monday To Friday at three different time periods – 12p.m, 4p.m, and 6p.m, throughout the day. The Livestream will only be available on the Daraz app. So be sure to download the app if you haven’t or update your app if you already have it on your device.

And as mentioned above, each edition of the Livestream will be different from the one before and will offer some new information to the customers. So be sure not to miss out. You’ll get to learn about exclusive deals, discount offers and will get a chance to win FREE VOUCHERS.

So that’s about it. All you need to know about Daraz Live.


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