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Daraz Seller Stories- H.K Store

Daraz Seller Stories- H.K Store

With the increase in internet penetration, many sellers in Nepal have been going online to grow their business. The online market is on the rise globally and it has seen steady growth in Nepal over the last few years. Nepal’s no.1 online marketplace, Daraz has led the e-commerce revolution in Nepal by helping small businesses to grow and flourish in the competitive environment.  

Located at the heart of Kathmandu, in the midst of hustling and bustling of the Mahaboudha Market, there lies a mobile and electronics sale hub named H.K Store. The owner, Heram KC shifted to Kathmandu from his hometown Pyuthan, Western Nepal and registered as a seller on Daraz. He left the electronics store in his hometown because most of the sales were done on credit and it was having a negative impact on his business.

After coming to Kathmandu, Mr KC joined the Daraz Seller family in December 2017. He says “ The business has seen tremendous growth in such a short space of time”. He now generates 70%-80% sales from Daraz only and the number seems to be growing every day.

“I requested the acquisition team from Daraz to incorporate my business in Daraz and the team readily made me the seller at Daraz.” Mr K.C conveys. After receiving training from Daraz team, he has learnt how to use the seller centre and update his stock and track his orders himself.

“We now know highest selling products and there has been a positive response from the buyers too” assert Mr K.C.

Seller Stories Daraz Nepal

Since being included in the Daraz Seller ecosystem, he exclaimed he has learned numerous things from placing an order to the dispatch of the order. The team from Daraz have been keeping him updated on the placement of the products and have made the best out of Mr Heram K.C as a seller.

“We are planning to list about 800-1000 products in near future”, Mr K.C being positive on his partnership with Daraz

He also added that various things have changed in this age of technology and numerous people have gained much of their share of profit through Daraz.

“Daraz has an easy-to-use platform for sellers to sign up and sell their product, provided it is of a certain standard and quality” as exclaimed by Mr K.C.

During the interview, he has emphasised on being a self-dependent person. Rather than going to foreign countries to earn the living, he suggested being a part of the online ecosystem like he has done himself.  With his exponentially growing business, Mr K.C has employed four more people in his shop and godown combined.

Seller Stories Daraz Nepal

As the partnership is growing between him and Daraz, Mr K.C is planning to expand his business to the garments as well. He has been working in that part as well.

People like Mr Heram K.C post an example to the people of Nepal that a small business can grow tremendously through a little upgradation of the technology and tools that are used.

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