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This is probably one of the best affordable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have become a modern day commodity. However, the number of choices can be overwhelming. So, today we take a look at the Accurate AC-52 High Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Let’s see if this is an excellent choice when looking for affordable Bluetooth speakers.

Accurate AC-52 High Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Accurate AC-52 High Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker


One thing that separates the Accurate AC-52 from other Bluetooth speakers is a double sided speaker with bass at the back. Although it lacks 360-degree sound, with a 10 watt output the speaker is really loud that everyone can hear the music in a room pretty clear. It has clean highs and thunderous bass, but, if you’re an audiophile like me, you’d want to adjust the equalizer settings to your preference. The mid-range sounds needs a boost to form a proper balance with the bass and the treble. It may not matter if you’re an average music listener, as the sound is overall good and loud enough. However, if you like to listen to every intricate part of a song, it’s nice to do some tweaking.


Accurate Bluetooth speakers

The Accurate AC-52 Bluetooth Speaker is surprisingly loud. For instance, you can keep the volume at half and it is easily able to fill the space with sound. While I would not suggest you to play this at max volume indoors, the extra volume is suitable for noisy environments like when in picnic.

Accurate claims the AC-52 can last 7 hours on a single charge. There are Bluetooth speakers that can last longer but that will cost you a lot. Contrary to a review we read, the AC-52 had no problems lasting that long at low to medium volume. However, if you play it really loud constantly, it might lose a few hours.


The Accurate AC-52 has round corners, with the logo on top, and the speakers on both sides. The front side consists of the usual standby, play/pause, volume up-down/skip forward-backward, mode, and speakerphone buttons. The mode button allows you to change the media to FM, Aux, SD Card, and Bluetooth.

wireless audio player

At the back you’ll find an on/off switch, a 3.5mm aux, USB-C, and SD card ports. It also has a small carabiner at the back so that you can hook it to your bag, or on a hook. However, it isn’t waterproof. But such abilities aren’t expected for speakers at this price range.

Bluetooth speaker with carabiner


speakerphone with AC 52 BT speaker

Unlike a lot of cheap Bluetooth speakers, this one has a built-in mic, which means you can use it as a speakerphone as well. Just tap on the speakerphone and speak through it while your phone charges in the other end of the room, how cool is that? Moreover, you can use it to listen to the FM and insert your own SD Card as well. And using the USB port and the Aux cable, you can connect it to your laptop or your phones to keep it playing longer as it charges. With the Aux port, you can connect it to any other audio device.

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Accurate AC 52 Bluetooth speaker Verdict

At such a price, the Accurate AC-52 is an obvious choice. For just Rs. 2600, you get a speaker that is powerful, light, lasts all day, and pairs with your phone with just a touch. It is not surprising, there are better sounding speakers but you’ll have to spend a lot of money. In a market filled with cheap Chinese BT speakers, Accurate offers a perfect balance between quality and price. It may not fit in your pocket but you can sure as hell carry it anywhere with ease. If the lack of waterproof ability doesn’t bother you, then this portable Bluetooth speaker should be at the top your shopping list.

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