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Not Sure What to Buy? Find Out the Best Electronic Deals of Daraz 11.11 Sale Right Here!

Daraz 11.11 is almost here. The biggest online shopping festival in the world is just around the corner. And yes, it’s okay if you’re having a tough time deciding just what to buy. It can be overwhelmingly hard to decide when everything is being offered at such mind-boggling rates. But worry not. We’re here to help.

For the sole purpose of aiding you, we’ve made up a list of some top electronic brands that are providing the best deals this 11.11. So, keep on reading!

  • Whirlpool Home Appliances

Let’s be honest here, most of us really don’t want to work that much. We just want to make things easy for us. Whatever it maybe, we tend to favor things that do not require much effort from us. And for that, we have Whirlpool, offering us the best home appliances all suited to make our life easy as it can be

Keeping that in mind, this 11.11, Whirlpool is offering a discount of up to 15% on all of their products – Washing Machines, Chest Freezers, Microwave ovens, Refrigerators, and Water Purifiers. You’ll also receive a voucher coupon worth Rs.2000. And yes, there’s free shipping!

  • Sony

The name Sony does not need much introduction. In a world full of electronics, Sony stands at the top. Be it TV, Mobile Phones, Sound Systems, Cameras and more, Sony won’t disappoint. For this 11.11, for a minimum spending of NPR 3000, Sony is offering a discount of up to 25% discount of all their products. Oh, and the shipping’s free!


Love gaming? Want the best accessories for your office use? Well, if that’s the case, look no further than FANTECH, probably the best place when it comes to gaming and office accessories.

Get up to 50% off on all FANTECH products this 11.11. From gaming keyboards, mouse, CPU’s to cabinets, to office sets, you name it, FANTECH’s got it. Likewise, you can also play one of Daraz’s 11.11 games to get a chance to win gift vouchers worth 2000. Simply add a FANTECH product of your choice to your shopping cart, and you might get chance to win.

And there’s more, we’ve also got the early bird offer waiting for you. Be the quickest to shop, use the code FANTECH1111** and you can get a chance to win limited gift vouchers.

** Minimum NPR 2000 Spend


One of the top and trusted brands of our country, CG Home Appliances is offering discounts up to 21% on all their home appliances – Microwaves, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners, Freezers, Fans & More. You’ll also receive a 5% extra voucher.  And not to forget, the shipping’s free!

  • Samsung Home Appliances

Want the best appliances for your home? If so, look no further than Samsung. Get up to 35% off on all Samsung Home appliances this 11.11.

  • LG Home Appliances

Buy LG home appliances from Daraz and get up to 15 % off plus an extra 3% voucher this 11.11. The discount is available for all LG products. And the shipping? It’s free!

  • Yasuda

Yasuda is offering discounts up to 20% with free shipping on all their products this 11.11. Televisions, Heater, Washing Machines, Vacuum Cleaner, & more, it’s the complete home solution.

  • HomeGlory Home Appliances

Inspired products for a simplified lifestyle, Homeglory is offering customers a chance to avail discounts up to 15% with free shipping on all their appliances this 11.11.

  • Midea

The world’s number one air-treatment brand, with Midea, you’ll receive nothing but the best. This 11.11, get a chance to avail discounts up to 20% on all Midea equipment’s. You’ll also receive gift vouchers worth Rs.1000 on your purchase of Midea Air Conditioners.

  • Samsung Mobile Phones

 Need we say more? Samsung and Mobile Phones, they’re like Batman and Robin, The Dynamic Duo. Probably the best manufacturers of mobile devices, Samsung is offering some of their best phones at prices not available anywhere else. What’s more, the all new Samsung S20 FE is being exclusively launched on Daraz this 11.11. So, waste not a single moment, because Samsung means business!

  • Baltra Home Appliances

 One of the most renowned brands when it comes to home appliances, Baltra is offering discounts of up to 15 % with free shipping on all their products this 11.11. So be sure not to miss out on such wonderful deals.

  • X-AGE

X-Age offers you reliable yet affordable electronics.  And this 11.11, the affordability rate has gone up even higher. Shop and avail up to 50% off on all X-AGE appliances during Daraz 11.11 Mega Sale.

  • Phillips

Get up to 41% off on all Phillips appliances and accessories this Daraz 11.11. Do not miss out on a wonderful chance to shop your favorite Phillip products at unmatched prices.

  • Infinix

Infinix is offering exclusive deals on select mobile phones this Daraz 11.11 Mega Sale. This is an offer you dare not miss out on!

So, these are the brands offering you the best deals this 11.11. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, do not miss out on this chance to get the best deals possible. We assure you, you won’t regret it.

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