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How to Make the Most out of Daraz 12.12 Sale Discounts?

It’s time to get excited cause Daraz 12.12 is finally about to begin. The biggest end of year sale is set to begin from the 12th of December. So it’s time you roll up your sleeves and get ready to make the most out of the 12.12 sale.

You’re probably already aware about the fact that 12.12 will offer you loads of exciting deals, offers and amazing discounts. But do you know how you can make the most of all the 12.12 discounts?

Worry not, we’re here to enlighten you. Let’s look at just how you can make the most of the 12.12 Sale discounts.

1) Download the Daraz App

This is an important step. The Daraz app is your access to all the exclusive sales, discounts and everything 12.12. Downloading the Daraz app is your first step to making sure that you have all you need in one, easily navigated place. The Daraz app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download the app now!

2) Play Mission 12.12

Mission 12.12 is your chance to win exciting gifts and rewards with the minute of efforts. All you’ll need to do is complete certain number of missions within the a specified period of time once the game goes live. Upon completion, you’ll get a chance to win some super exciting gift hampers.

3) Track the Mega Deals!

12.12 is the biggest end of year sale. There’s going to be loads of mega deals and flash sales during the span of the 12.12 sale. So if you want do not want to miss out on such deals, keep track of all the mega deals and flash sales that are live. The best way to do that is to keep checking your Daraz app frequently. We assure you, you will not regret it.

4) Don’t Forget The Vouchers

Vouchers are our way to letting you know that we’re glad that you’re here with us. We do not want you to leave emptyhanded. So keep an eye out for the discount vouchers code offered by different sellers. You can also win vouchers via different games that are live during the sale.

For this, you will need to Download the Daraz app!

5) Utilize Payment Promotions

Daraz 12.12 is going to offer you with amazing discounts through different payment partners. Get your cards ready, fill your carts and get ready to take full advantage of all our payment promotions.

6) Fill Your Cart

If you want to buy something, just add it to your cart. Even if it is out of stock, add it to your cart and once it is restocked you’ll be notified via the Daraz app and you can place your order. Be prepared before the 12.12 sale begins. Stock up your cart beforehand and you can order immediately once the sale begins. Don’t forget to turn on your notifications!

7) Go Through our Daraz Buying Guides

Daraz Buying Guides is your personal shopping guide. It’s there to make sure that you have the easy access to the product that you want. Go through our Buying Guides for a seamless shopping experience.

8) Keep Revisiting the Daraz app

We’ve got a lot of surprises lined up for you. From Mystery boxes, to flash sales to many more. Keep checking the app time and again and don’t miss out on the world’s biggest online sale day

Now that you’re all enlightened, have a wonderful shopping experience!

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