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Beard Grooming Kits to Style & Groom Your Beard at Home

This blog is for the mens’ out there. Especially for those men whose face is covered with ungroomed hair. Not that it’s a bad thing but it can be better. This lockdown has changed our habits a lot. From our sleeping routines to our facial hair grooming habits, things are not as they once were.

If you’re like me, or most men actually, you currently have a face full of hair that needs to be groomed. We’ve been guilty of letting our facial hair slip away into a mess during the lockdown. But that my friends, is what we are going to change.

This article is all about beard grooming, beard styles and beard grooming kits. We’ll look at how we change shape our best to bring out the best. Even if we’re just staying home everyday. Before we dive into all that, let’s first look at the most common face shapes that every guy has and the style that best fits that face shape. The most common question that every man has is “What Beard Length Is Most Attractive” or “What Beard Suits My Face”. Well, it all depends on the shape of your face.

It’s usually four shapes as follows:


If you have a round face, then these beard styles will look the best. It’s usually best not to over do any style. Keep it simple. Identify your face shape and style your beard accordingly.


For those with a square face, a goatee with a moustache looks the best as far as i can tell. You can also try the balbo or the chin strap. But don’t try to sport a full facial hair as it will only further expand the width of your face.


The next time you’re thinking about changing your beard styles, stop for a moment, look at the shape of your face and move forward accordingly. If you’ve got a oval face shape, try these beard styles.


These beard styles will define your cheekbones and jawlines. So style away.

Now that we’ve identified our face shape and the respective beard style, let’s look at how we can further define our facial hair. We will be looking at ways we can care, style and treat our facial hair. So here are a few tips and tricks to keep your beard looking fresh and dapper.

Wash & Brush Your Beard

Just like you wash your hair with shampoo, it’s important to wash your beard as well. All the gunk, dirt and oil can result in a dirty beard. And that in turn affects your facial skin resulting in acne and pimples. So whenever you’re in the shower, wash your beard properly, not with a hair shampoo but with a beard shampoo. There are tons of good beard shampoos out there. Do a little reasearch and find out the best beard shampoo that works for your facial hair texture.


Likewise, you’ll also need to brush you facial hair just like you comb your head hair. When you comb your beard, it looks nice and sits perfectly on your face rather than just looking messy. So invest in a good beard shampoo and beard brush.

Shape Your Beard

One of the most important aspect of facial hair grooming is shaping your beard. You need to define your neckline, your side burns and your cheekline. For that you can use the comb as shown below. Clear out all the hair on your cheeks that is above the beard line. Use the comb to measure the perfect line. Similarly, remove all the hair below your neckline. You must also have a defined side burns.


Apply Beard Oil

Is beard oil effective? Will beard oil help in facial hair growth? These are questions i’m sure you have or have probably heard of before. Let me ask you this. Do you oil your head hair? Does it feel softer, more nourished once you’ve oiled it? It does, doesn’t it? It’s the same case with facial hair. You need to apply oil to nourish your facial hair. Invest in a good beard oil. Beard oils have been proven to be very effective in stimulating beard growth. A well oiled beard looks, feels and smells great.


Yes, beard oils are effective. So invest in a good beard oil. Check out some of the beard oils available on Daraz.

Trim Your Beard

Trim your beard from time to time. Trim the excess hair above the beard line, your side burns and your below your neckline. Also trim those hair that are growing in all directions. Well that can be quite tricky, but worry not. We’ve got all sorts of trimmers for all occassions. And yes, you also need to trim excess hair dripping down your lips. Check out some of the best trimmers available on Daraz.


So there you have it. These are some of the top grooming habits every man must know and follow. This lockdown is the perfect time to do so. Grow out your hair, try new styles but keep it neat and tidy. You can find more grooming kits on the Daraz app or the Daraz website.

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