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Don’t Panic When it’s Organic: An Insight on Organic Foods

What are Organic Foods?

Organic foods are those eatables that grow and end their life cycle without any help from chemicals. When something holds the organic label, there should be absolutely no room for pesticides, preservatives, and fertilizers before and after the harvest.

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As the industrial lifestyle is slowly changing its title from obligatory to mandatory, people are looking for ways to keep their health intact. I mean, computers are replacing almost everything, and the new job opportunities that follow these changes require hours of sitting stagnant on chairs and hitting the keyboard (someone is relating to that feeling right now).

Therefore, different healthy trends are gaining popularity among those who like to keep their biological machine in good condition. This brings us to Organic foods and the adaptation of a healthy diet for fueling the body. It’s a no-brainer that organic foods will weigh more regarding health benefits than the ones we get from mass production.

But another reality of the current world is the internet and the access to billions of websites that cough about organic foods. Often, people fall victims to so-called “shortcuts” like weight loss supplements and some magic pill that works wonders overnight. A simple search for organic food benefits can send you through a never-ending rabbit hole. We certainly wouldn’t want our readers to experience that.

Benefits of Consuming Organic Foods

  1. Overall Improvement in Health: We all saw this coming, didn’t we? The whole point of adopting a healthy eating habit is with a hope of a healthier body. Eating organic eatables means you don’t have to worry about foreign chemicals contaminating your biological purity. The production of organic foods follows the use of green manure for fertilization and crop rotation for pest control so that the result is healthier and safer.

  2. Loads of Antioxidants: Anyone keeping up with the nutrition part of healthy living knows the term antioxidants. These are the natural components we get from our foods that negate the oxidants in our bodies. Studies show that people who chow on organic foods have an adequate supply of antioxidants to their bodies with minimal intake of heavy metals. Some of the benefits of maintaining antioxidant levels in the body are low risks of cancer, premature aging, vision problems, and cognitive malfunction.

  3. A Healthy Heart: When it comes to organic foods, it’s not only about leafy greens and vegetables. The meat we consume should equally tick the requirement list if it boasts the organic label. When animals graze on natural grass, the amount of CLA we extract from them also increases. CLA or conjugated linoleic acids are heart-healthy fatty acids rich in animal products that pasture in the free-range. The organic grass soaks up the sun’s energy, and the herbivores that feed on those grasses convert that energy to organic CLA.

  4. Resistance to Antibiotics: What do we do to prepare ourselves against diseases? We take vaccinations, antibiotic medications, and other drugs to prepare our bodies against different viruses and bacteria. Similarly, people who follow the animal husbandry profession subject their animals to vaccines, antibiotics, growth hormones, and animal byproducts to lessen their chances of loss.


The problem is, non-organic foods we consume (mainly from feeds and livestock) contain all these foreign elements. Once inside the human body, it invites some unnecessary chemical reactions and alters the natural immunity cycle. The result is a body prone to a new strain of viruses and bacteria. So, organic foods which do not contain these substances are the obvious choices for health enthusiasts.

5. Better Taste: This might take you a while to digest because we live in an era of fast foods. Not only are these loaded with sugars, but they also have a lot of taste enhancers so that we remain hooked on those foods. It will take some time, but the natural taste you get from organic foods is something no burgers will achieve.

The mineral and sugar structures found in organic crops hold some unique flavors as they only get harvested after full maturity. You get the authentic taste along with the added nutrients.

Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the most celebrated points of organic food culture. Do you think organic foods are worth your investment and time? Let’s face the fact, these foods are expensive, and in a world full of distractions spending money on healthier broccoli might not seem compelling. But, everything worthwhile takes time and effort.

A dime spent on candy might sound tastier at the moment, but we hope you grab that asparagus lying around your fridge. We often take care of cars, motorbikes, and other machinery, going the extra miles for modifications and everything. Why not invest in the only biological machinery we have? The next time we cross our paths on another article, I hope you have a healthier body. Let us celebrate vigor and healthy eating habits.  



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