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Local Sellers VS Daraz Mall Sellers – What’s the Difference?

What is Daraz Mall?

Before we get into the differences between local and Daraz Mall sellers, we need to make sure we know what Daraz Mall actually is. If you’ve shopped on Daraz or even just browsed through the app, you probably know exactly what it is. But if not, here’s a little refresher.

Daraz Mall is a special subset of Daraz that includes an assortment of certified national and international brands. All the brands available on the Daraz Mall online store are completely genuine and come from licensed retailers. This ensures customers receive 100 percent authentic products and the best possible shopping experience.

Sellers on Daraz

There are two types of sellers on the Daraz platform: local sellers and Daraz Mall sellers. So, what’s the difference between buying from these two types of sellers?

Local Daraz Sellers are, as the name suggests, based locally in Nepal. Shopping from these sellers is a great way to support local businesses and help entrepreneurs in your community grow. Daraz offers those wishing to sell their goods on the platform the opportunity to join the Daraz Sahayatri Program. Through this program, sellers can sell online to millions of customers across Nepal for 0% marketplace fee. Additional benefits of the program include weekly payments, financial support from Nabil Bank, free packaging materials, and product photoshoots.

Note: Daraz Sahayatri Program is available only for a limited time. The program will be discontinued starting December 1, 2023.

Daraz Mall Sellers on the other hand are retailers who sell genuine, branded products from both local and international brands. Customers also have access to a 14-day hassle-free return policy and the opportunity to win coupons and deals by following their preferred retailers on Daraz Mall. With more than 500 renowned brands available on the platform, Daraz Mall undoubtedly has the largest collection of fully genuine and certified domestic and foreign brands in Nepal.

Now that you know all about Daraz Mall, we know you’re going to be super excited about Daraz Mall Fest!

Don’t miss this chance to grab amazing products from your favorite brands at unbelievably irresistible prices during Daraz Mall Fest! From free delivery to bank discounts and seller vouchers, Daraz Mall fest has a lot to offer. Make sure you have a guilt-free shopping experience and start buying from Daraz Mall. Happy Shopping!

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