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7 Essential Guitar Accessories Every Guitar Player Must Have

There are some really essential guitar accessories that every guitar player must have. Why so? As someone who’s been playing for quite some time, I know that they make life of a guitar player so much easier.

So today, through this article, whether you’ve just started out or are a legend in the guitar, I’m going to talk about some important accessories you should have. It won’t cost you much as well, as these accessories are all now produced in Nepal. I’ll be listing accessories from a few Nepali brands that I’ve come to like recently. I think you should check them out too! It’s always awesome to promote home grown products!

I’ll start with some of the most obvious ones…..duh!

Also, you can get all of these online on Daraz. Special shout outs to top quality Nepali Guitar Brands like Mantra’s Official Store, Manaslu Guitar at DarazMall. These two brands one of the most famous and up and coming Nepali Guitar Brands that need our love and that home support.

1. Spare guitar picks

Guitar picks are mysterious. It feels like every time they fall out of our hands, they end up in a black hole. It’s like there’s a Pick God up in the sky, who creates a black hole every time a guitar pick falls out of a player’s hand. Once fallen, nowhere to be found. Only a few lucky ones find it, ahem ahem the pick of destiny, if you know what I mean.

So, what do you do about these magically disappearing picks? Stack yourself with loads of them!

Picks are available in a variety of different thicknesses, so just pick whichever you prefer. You can even order them online now.

2. Extra pair of strings

What’s worse than losing your guitar pick? Yes, you’ve guessed it right – breaking a guitar string.

Imagine you’re at a campfire, about to woo your crush with Wonderwall or any other cheesy campfire song, and then suddenly your B string breaks! Jokes aside, if you have a habit of caressing your guitar quite often or are a performer, it is always essential to have an extra pair of strings.

You never know when a string will break!

Also, you should change your guitar strings in appropriate intervals to keep your guitar sounding nice and crisp.

3. Capo

Have you felt annoyed at people playing with their capos on? Well, it turns out capos are a must have for every guitar player.

There will come a time when you stumble upon a song that requires a capo. Or, you may have just ignored a song altogether because it required a capo and you didn’t have one. However, you still love that song and want to play it so bad. I know the feels! Also, not all can sing like Layne Staley, so you will have to adjust your tuning or chord shapes – and that is such a hassle. Not if you have a capo, though. You can use the capo to match it with the singer’s preferred key.

So, just get a capo. Capos from Mantra and Manaslu are quite good and cheap. You get them for free when you get guitars from those brands.

4. Guitar Strap

Guitar straps are a must to performers, that’s a no brainer. But even if you like to mostly just play for your four walls, a guitar strap is a nice thing to have. There are situations when you can’t find a proper place to sit or position yourself to play the guitar well. But, with a strap, it doesn’t matter.

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Get a strap that nicely fits into your guitar strap buttons. A falling guitar is not a pretty sight. Mantra and Manaslu straps are pretty decent. They come in different prints, patterns and colors. Also, the strap holes are made of top grade leather to avoid deformation. They easily fit on any guitar without a problem, and lock in place nice to ensure your guitar doesn’t fall out.

5. Guitar Cables

Guitar cables are a must because you need one to plug in to an amplifier or interface. Although cables can differ in terms of durability and noise, you need to get expensive ones. Because, most cables sound the same.

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Check out for cables from the many official guitar stores on Daraz like Guitar Shop, Music Point and more.

Optional Accessories

Guitar Amp

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If you own an electric or semi-acoustic guitar, having a guitar amp makes more sense than to not have it. Check out some below, amps can be expensive, so the one from Orange is highly recommended. This will suit any passionate guitarist.

Guitar Tuner

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Guitar Tuners are optional as it is highly recommended to learn tuning by ear. If you ask any guitar teacher that is what they tell you. However, if you’re already an expert in tuning, these digital tuners can be handy when low on time and effort.

So, there you go, these are the 7 essential guitar accessories every guitar player should have.


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