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Adidas To Make 11 Million Pairs of Sneakers with Recycled Plastic

Adidas to make 11 Million Pairs of Sneakers with Recycled Ocean Plastic 

80 percent of all plastic pollution in the ocean comes from land. Our beautiful Oceans are turning into plastic soups.  Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic enters the sea. At this rate, by 2050, we will have more plastic than fish in the Ocean.

Adidas to make 11 Million Pairs of Sneakers with Recycled Ocean Plastic Only

Let me make this more relatable. At this rate we will have to change the lyrics to our favorite songs.

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But, what can be more relatable than the fact that this is a direct threat to humanity. When our ecosystems are disrupted, it’s eventually us who have to face the consequences. So, what’s the solution then? Well according to Adidas, the most effective way to have less plastic in the Ocean is to use simply less plastic in the first place.

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Adidas to make 11 Million Pairs of Sneakers with Recycled Ocean Plastic Only
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Run for the Oceans

Back in 2017, the company produced 1 million pairs of sneakers made from just recycled ocean plastic. In 2018, they did it again by producing not 1 but 5 million shoes made from recycled ocean plastic. And now, the company plans to bring in a whopping 11 million pairs of sneakers in 2019.

This comes as a move by the German shoemakers to protect our oceans and to reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the climate. In 2018, Adidas created a global movement called “Run for the Oceans”. The initiative gathered nearly one million runners from around the world.  For every kilometer completed the company contributed $1 to Parley Ocean School Programs run by long-term NGO partner “Parley for the Oceans”. The company managed to raise $1 million for long-term NGO partner “Parley for the Oceans”

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The money raised has, to date, directly helped to educate and empower 1 lakh youth and families living in coastal areas affected by plastic pollution. And, as part of the initiative the three stripes produced five million pairs of shoes created using recycled ocean plastic in 2018.

Run for the Oceans 2019

Adidas brought back the global initiative on World Oceans Day, June 8, 2019 with the increased goal of $1.5 million this year. To reach the increased goal, the company organized the campaign in many more locations than ever before including Nepal.  Adidas Nepal organized the run in Kathmandu on June 14, 2019. With the increased goal, the company also upped its scale by announcing to produce 11 million pairs of shoes using recycled ocean plastic waste under the 2019 Parley range.

adidas parley

Adidas Brand Day on Daraz

Adidas has several sneakers using Parley recycled ocean plastic available on Adidas.com. You will soon be able to grab your hands on these on Daraz through Adidas’ official online outlet as well. Adidas just announced its Brand Day on Daraz this 22nd of July. If you want a pair of Adidas sneakers this is the best time. Adidas is offering discounts of up to 20% including vouchers and more.

To make the best out of the offer visit and follow the Adidas’ official online outlet on Daraz

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