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Online shopping: App Vs Website: Which is better?

Online shopping in Nepal is a young industry, but its popularity is growing exponentially. Just a few years ago, shopping online was limited to a very small audience. Nowadays, however, several retailers and manufacturers have shopping stores on the Daraz App and Website that let you skip trips to stores and long lines. Thus, a lot of people have begun shopping online.

This increase can also be explained with the rise of smartphones. Smartphone and internet penetration is gradually growing in Nepal and thus is online shopping too. Furthermore, Smartphones offer experiences that are very unique and interactive. And so, these devices have also driven a new focus on mobile applications.  Since the launch of the iPhone and Android devices, mobile apps have become unavoidable.

online shopping in nepal

But the question is- Which is better for online shopping in Nepal, using the Web or using the Daraz app? As with many life changing questions such as this, the question isn’t easy to answer. Read on to find out why.

Daraz app Vs Daraz Website: Offers

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Firstly, you must have seen that Rs. 250 off offer for first time Daraz app users before. One can’t get that on the website- just the app. Furthermore, often online stores and brands usually offer app exclusive vouchers.

daraz app brand vouchers, online shopping in nepal

Secondly, the company also gives away app-inclusive vouchers from time to time which shows the app is better in this aspect than the website. Also, it is offering numerous discount opportunities for app users in the upcoming Daraz Appy Shopping Campaign. Clearly, the app wins in this department.

online shopping in nepal

For instance, the Appy Shopping, which has started today, is offering users app exclusive offers like mega deals, vouchers, free shipping, games and many more. Furthermore, users get to play fun and entertaining games and win gifts only on the Daraz App. This is making online shopping in Nepal a very fun experience entirely. Do check out the game zone here.

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Daraz app Vs Daraz Website: Personalization

daraz app, online shopping in nepal

Various studies have shown that most users prefer mobile apps than mobile websites. One of the many reasons is because mobile apps like the Daraz app offer better personalization. Personalization helps to show relevant products to users based on their interests, location, usage behavior, and more. Thus, when you open the app you will most probably find things that interest you. Furthermore, you receive regular updates and notifications regarding products you may like or are interested in buying. This helps you keep in track of the kind of products you would.

Navigation and user experience

The Daraz App is more streamlined and easy to navigate. This is because, mobile apps have an added advantage of being able to utilize features like camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls, accelerometer, compass, etc. One can make the user experience interactive and fun through these in built tools. Furthermore, you can easily save your card details on the app.

online shopping in nepal


When you’re on the phone, it is pretty easy to be updated on all the upcoming deals and the current ones as well. Through push and in-app notifications, users are informed about all the happenings in the Daraz app in a less intrusive manner.

Download Daraz Mobile app on your smartphones and browse through the latest trends under a single roof today!

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