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Creative Ways to Kill Boredom

So here we are. On the verge of I don’t know what. All I know is now to stay home, stay safe, and keep your loved ones safe. And now that we are home all day, we can kinda get bored. So, I’ve made a list of stuff that you can do to keep that boredom away for good.

Here We Go.

Clean the house

Yup, especially now. Now is the time to clean that house squeaky clean!

Don’t know where to start? Just make a list, set your priorities and off you go! The power is yours!

Rearrange stuff

When I mean rearrange stuff I primarily mean furniture- yes those god forsaken toe killers. This is the time to rearrange them properly, you know change stuff and make sure that thing doesn’t kill your toe at night again. Also, you get to clean those areas lying under the furniture for ages.

Create an Internet Challenge

Now that you’ve cleaned your house, rearranged your furniture, give yourself a pat in the back. Take that camera out and take a great selfie. Name it – Stay Home Challenge Day 1. Challenge your friends to do something productive at their homes each day until we get through with this situation. Think of all the things you yourselves can think of!

Learn New Things

At least we’ve got the internet! And this time would be most suitable to learn many new things from the internet. Want to be good at photoshop? Just go to youtube and you’ll find a ton of material to learn from. And there are a lot of things to learn about, so go, learn something!

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Listen to a podcast

Joe Rogan has a fantastic podcast you should check out on his youtube channel. Plus, there a lot more similar podcasts to listen to. They are fun, informative, and excellent to kill time.

Watch Movies

Do I have to say anything more? Your missing out on the greatness of that visual feast we call cinema. Take a look at some of best movies on IMDB.



Do Stuff.

List out things you want to do each day and cross that list every night. It’ll be fun and useful. Try it.

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