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Daraz First Games FAQ: Find Answers to All DFQ Questions

In this Daraz First Games FAQ we hope to answer all your questions regarding DFG. Recently Daraz launched a new gaming platform where users can come to play and expose exciting prizes. Daraz First Games (DFG) is an all-round gaming solution for all Daraz users where anyone can play with their people online all across the country.

Whether you want to play some exciting games to show your ultimate gaming skill or win some real rewards rather than just some virtual points- DFG is all you need to give a try. So no more dull days in this home quarantine period.

Daraz First Games (DFG)-daraz.com.bd

As the interest is growing higher and higher among our users regarding the DFG gaming program, here are some frequently asked questions published to serve your common interest.


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Daraz First Games FAQ

# What is Daraz First Games?

Daraz First Games is a mobile gaming platform where users can play over a dozen games for FREE and win exciting Daraz vouchers.

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# What kind of games are available on Daraz First Games?

Daraz First Games has over a dozen fun games like arena games, casual games & games of all genres which you can play and also win Daraz vouchers from. Multiple genres of games for everyone to enjoy. Racing, puzzle, arcade – just name it, and you’ll have it!

# Can I play Daraz First Games on Desktop too?

No, you can only play Daraz First Games on Daraz Android App. We will be releasing the games on other platforms soon. Stay tuned!

Currently, you can start playing and winning on daraz first games by following these simple steps:

  • Download Daraz App
  • Login to your Daraz App
  • Click on Daraz first Games icon on the homepage
  • Select the game you want to play
  • Start playing and winning!

# What are points and how can I use them?

Points are digital credits that you earn by playing Arena games and completing activities on Daraz First Games. On the DFG home screen, users have to click on their account picture and click on points to track their points.

Currently, you will be able to use your points to unlock more exclusive Arena games that cannot be played for free and win even higher reward points through those games.

You will be able to use your points to gain Daraz vouchers through our Redemption Center.

# How do I win Vouchers by playing games on Daraz First Games?

You can win exciting discount vouchers at Daraz First Games. Check out the vouchers on the home screen of Daraz First Games to see how many you have won! You can redeem those vouchers at Daraz checkout while buying any product on Daraz. Add the voucher code at the checkout and avail discounts.

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# Can I invite my friends and play with them?

Yes off course, You can create a separate room in Ludo and invite your friends to enjoy endless contests amongst your clan. We are currently working on other games to let you invite friends and play with them. We recommend that you keep updating your app on a regular basis to get the latest updates.

# When will the winners be announced?

For tournament mode, users need to be on the leaderboard. Once the game is over, the customer will receive a reward which will reflect after 24 hours.

For Battle games, once a user wins Player Vs Player games,they will see the reward (Points or Coupons) reflected in the game center instantly. The coupons can then be used to shop on Daraz.

DFG FAQ: Facing problems?

# I am unable to see and play Daraz First Game. What should I do?

Update your Daraz app to experience Daraz First Games features.

# I am unable to join PvP or Tournament. What do I do?

You may be unable to join PvP or Tournament in case the game is houseful. In this situation, kindly wait for some time. As soon as someone quits, the game will have availability for you to join.

# Who should I contact if I face any difficulty using Daraz First Games?

You can connect with us on Live Chat if you have any queries. We are available from 9:00am to 9:30pm every day for your assistance.

# What do I do if the game is continuously loading and getting disconnected?

Strong internet connection is required to play games on Daraz First Games. Kindly check your connectivity issues to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. If you still face issues, please connect with us on Live Chat.

# What do I do if the vouchers I win are not working?

Please make sure that you have applied the correct voucher code. If it still does not work, please check the voucher validity date to confirm if it has expired. All vouchers have an expiry date and should be used before that. Hope this DFG FAQ was helpful, if you have any more questions please feel to contact Daraz.

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