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Do you keep making these New Year Resolutions? Every New Year?

Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021. The New Year is set to begin and you know what that means? It’s time for a new beginning. – ATLEAST THAT’S WHAT WE SAY EACH AND EVERY NEW YEAR, don’t we?

But, is it really a new beginning? If you really think about it, it’s just the earth completing a full orbit around the sun. It’s pretty much the same for all of us. But, there’s this silly magic in the concept of celebrating the new year.

For us the new year is the start of something new and promising. It’s our way of stacking up our TO-DO List. However, not many of us actually succeed in completing all the tasks in that list.

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Here’s a generalized list of what resolutions people make:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Gain weight
  3. Save more
  4. Be more careful with money
  5. Read lots of books
  6. Take up a new hobby
  7. Travel More…, etc.

Now, how many of us have made at least some of these in the past and not followed through?

Guilty as charged! I’m no saint either.

However, there’s still hope! Some of us have made it through! How did they do it? Well, let’s see below:


Don’t leave anything for tomorrow, or later, or never. Just start. So, the first thing you need to do is read the whole blog! So, start!

Stay Focused and Have Faith.

We’re always in a hurry, instant gratification has made it hard for us to wait. Want to watch a movie, or want to listen to the latest album your favorite artist just uploaded- Just, google it, and there you have it! In an instant! Within a blink. Literally.

And, what happens next? We hate to wait, we hate waiting more than anything, some even don’t know how to wait. And that often leads to disappointment. We take up too many tasks at the same time or expect great results without constant effort. For that, we need to learn to be patient, to be focused, and have faith in your promise to be a better person.

So for this New Year, focus on one specific area of your life that you’d like to work on, would like to improve. Don’t try to work at everything at the same time. Instead focus on one area at a time. Want to lose weight? Focus on that. Want to earn more money? Focus on that. Once you start finding success in one area then you can move on to the next. You’ve got 365 days. Take it slow!

can’t stick to a goal? read this:

Write Down Your Goals

Now the next thing that you’ll need to work on is your goals. After you read this, ask yourself – What do you want to achieve in 2021 or maybe even later in life? Write it down. Write it everyday in your journal. Don’t have a journal? Create one, you can make it online…..in an instant 😉

Or for now, take a piece of paper and write all that you want to achieve. You’ll have a greater sense of accountability and will help you stick on completing your goals. Set a routine. Set aside time for areas that you want to work on. Everyday write what you will do. Take it one day at a time.

Anticipate Problems

Nobody likes to deal with problems in their lives. But everybody’s got problems. Problem is an evitable part of life. When you live, you will somehow find problems along the way. Solving each problem, no matter big or small opens another chapter in your life.

And that is something you should be ready for. Now, we can’t be sure when the problem will occur- the exact day, time, or month. So, don’t think about it much, just acknowledge it. All you can do is be cautious and take preventive measures. You can eat healthy, exercise, practice discipline, have a hobby, read more, this will prepare you to be a better person. And in turn, will make you more able to take on any potential problem in life.

Pick A Date & Just Go For It

Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

Now that you’ve clearly identified your goals, the next step is to just pick a date to begin and just go for it. The date doesn’t necessarily need to be the 1st of January, it can as per your choice. But don’t take too long because time once spent is spent forever. Plan out when exactly you’d like to begin with your resolution. Clear your mind of the things of the past and just go for it.

Check In Regularly

It’s quite important that you check in on yourself regularly. Take some time off from your day and just check to see if you’re in line with your goals.

Are you on track? Is something not according to plan? Not only does checking in help you keep track, it will also help you make some changes accordingly. The future is uncertain and we tend forget that sometimes.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Routine check up will help you adjust your goals accordingly. It’ll help you make sure that the goals you’ve set are actually attainable.

Accepting Failures

Those who fail, learn! Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. But that’s okay. Accepting failures in life is the best possible way to move forward. Failure is the key to success. When you fail in anything, take it as a lesson to move on. Keep note of what made you fail and what you learnt from the failure.

It might be difficult at first but consistency is key. Keep trying and you’ll definitely win.

Believe In Yourself

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

Believe in yourself. Take that leap of faith of what you can become. Believe that you can and you definitely will. You are your biggest strength and you’ve got what it takes to make everything possible. Look in the mirror, take a deep breath and just believe.

Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay

Reward Yourself

The last thing I’d like you to do is – Reward Yourself. Time and again, just treat yourself. Go to a nice dinner, buy that stunning jacket. Whatever makes you happy, occasionally reward yourself for all the good that you’re doing for yourself. Not only will it act as an encouragement but it will also help you clear your mind.

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Hope these tips will help you plan out a great New Year’s Resolution. Happy New Year!

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