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How To Grow Your Followers Count on Instagram

In this article we’ll be looking at how you can grow you followers count on Instagram. Whether you’re just a causal user who’s looking to pass some time or if you’re someone who’s actually looking to make a career as an influencer, this article will be help you to understand what you’ll need in order to grow your follower count. It’s for everybody to give it a try!

So the first thing you’ll need is a big ol’ bag of chips. Yes, cause we’ve got a lot to go through. Let’s begin shall we?

Identify The Purpose

The first thing that you’ll need to do is quite simple actually! You’ll need to identify the main purpose of your Instagram account. What is the reason behind your account? Are you looking to use it as a way to promote yourself, your brands and businesses or are you just using it because it’s hip and everybody uses it these days! This is what you’ll need to clear out beforehand. Because it’s going to save you a lot of time and effort in the long-run.

So be sure to clear out what exactly it is that you want from using Instagram before you actually begin with any of the following steps.

Develop a Content Strategy

Once you’ve identified the purpose behind your Instagram account, you’ll need to then develop a decent content strategy. Having a well-defined strategy will be the key in determining how far you go. Developing a content strategy will enable you to create content that relates to your audience. Without any sort of strategy, you’ll just end of posting random posts that will not be worth any thing. DO NOT DO THAT!! CREATE A STRATEGY!

Your strategy must be built around your purpose. What kind of audience are you targeting? How will you reach them? When will you post? What is it that they want to see? are some questions you should ponder upon. The right kind of strategy will attract the right audience to your account. Don’t just create content. Create content with context.

Define a Target Audience

This might not be a significant step to many of you but it still is quite important. Defining your target audience is kind of similar to developing your content strategy. It’s just with this point, you’ll end up going a little deeper.

When you define your audience, then you can craft the appropriate content. It’ll help you stay focused on the needs of your audience which in the long run will be highly beneficial for your account.

Create a Post Schedule

This is by far the most important step in this article. If you want to see your followers count grow then you better start by creating a posting schedule. But what does it mean? It basically is identifying the best times for you to post your content. At the same time, you’ll also be identifying how many content to post in a particular time.

It’s been proven time and again that the more you post on your account, the more followers and likes you’ll obtain. But you shouldn’t be posting randomly. Instead create a schedule, example: I’ll post two content a day at exactly 12:00 pm and at 6:00pm everyday.

Instagram’s algorithm keeps on changing but with every change it has always focused on consistency. The more you post, the more your numbers grow. So create a schedule and be consistent!

Add Pictures That Grab Attention

Instagram is mostly a visual based social media platform. So similarly you’ll need to move in a similar manner. Whenever you decide to post something on Instagram, take a moment to look at the post from every possible angle, does it look appealing? is it strong enough to grab the immediate attention of a passer-by, are the images aligned?

Take your time before you post. Don’t rush! It’s a psychological fact that images tend to hold more attention than texts. So design your content in a similar manner! Make your account visually appealing to anyone who visits it. Use a certain pattern to post or use a certain color. It’s up to you to make your page look more appealing that the rest.

Create Your Hashtags

If you paid attention to Instagram content from some of the biggest brands or influencers, you’ve probably seen that their posts are loaded with hashtags. But mostly amongst the sea of commercial hashtags, they’ve also included their own tags – their personalized hashtags. And that’s exactly what you’ll need to do. Create your own tags and use it as frequently in all of your posts.

Once you start attracting audiences in growing numbers, your personalized hashtags will act as another medium to attract newer audiences. So be sure to have your own set of personalized hashtags from the start.

Become an Active Member

Many of us only see Instagram as platform but it’s much more than that. Especially in the present situation when there are over 700 million active users. It’s become a community and as such you should do your bit to stand out from the crowd. Join in on trendy conversations, like, comment, reply on messages, ask questions, give feedbacks, showcase yourself as much as possible.

When you submerge yourself into this every-growing community, you’ll see that the possibilities are limitless. You’ll learn new things, meet new people. You’ll find yourself growing not just at a personal level but also professionally.

Showcase Your Account

Marketing!Marketing!MARKETING! The best possibly way to grow. There’s nothing better than marketing. This is a highly recommended step that you shouldn’t miss out on. Now when we say marketing, we mean much more than just spending money on big budget ads. It can be as simple as promoting your brands, business, yourself simply on different media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the options are many. We call this CROSS-PROMOTING! Try it, you’ll definitely like it.

You don’t necessarily need to spend money to market our your name or your brand. Yes, it might have a higher ROI but you don’t always need to spend money. Instead, add your Instagram account buttons on your websites, or other platforms. The main aim is to re-direct people to your Instagram account.

Add More Lines To Your Captions

Now this might sound surprising considering the fact the most people generally hate reading. Who’s going to read a paragraph about how i hiked 8 hours to reach the mountain top? Surely none’s going to spend their precious time reading? Well that’s where most of us are wrong. People actually do read! Adding some more lines to your captions and making it more juicier is the best way to ensure people actually like or comment on your posts. It makes it more engaging!

A two line caption might sound and look great but everybody’s doing that. Why not spice it up a bit? Make things interesting! Show yourself to be different from everybody else. Anybody who visits your page will see how interesting and different you’re from the rest and will surely follow you.

Don’t believe me? Give it a go and see the results yourself!


So the final point brings us to collaborating and partnering. This is one of the best way to showcase yourself to a wider audience. Collaborate with other influencers or other brands who have a larger follower count that yours. You’ll be visible to their audience stream who will then follow you. Collaborating is another form of marketing and as we talked about before, never say NO to marketing.

So take the next step, find partners with whom you can collaborate with. Micro-influencers are what i would recommend because unlike the blue-ticked, highly followed celebrity, micro-influencers have a niche area or interests and their audiences are usually very engaging. But if you do get the chance to work with some top brands or celebrity, by all means DO IT!!!!!

So here we are. The END! These are some of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram follower count. There are many other ways but these are some of the quickest and the easiest ways. I hope this article was a help! And remember, give it your best and stay consistent!

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