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The Ultimate MASALA BEADS Buying Guide

Adding a little accessory to your everyday style elevates your look drastically. Be it a small ring, a neckpiece or a fluffy hat, a simple accessory just adds some much spice to your style.

One small accessory for you, one giant leap for your style! :p. And who best to turn to for accessories than Masala Beads?

When it comes to accessories, you can never go wrong with Masala Beads.

Yes, you’ve heard the name the before, you’re probably already a fan and even if you aren’t, you will be. As the title suggests, this article is your ultimate guide to Masala Beads. I’ve listed some of the best accessories that Masala Beads is quite well known for.

So go ahead, check em’ out!

And remember, all of the items listed below are available on Daraz. So if you feel like getting yourself a new necklace or an earring, just click on the link below the pictures.


One of the best accessory a woman can wear is a necklace. Instant glamour! It doesn’t need much effort to look good in a necklace. Handmade with love, Masala Beads has some of the most elegant, and beautiful necklaces suited for all kinds of occasions.



Just like a necklace, an earring is an accessory that adds to the beauty of every woman. Masala Beads catalogue of earrings is quite vast. They’ve got earring in all sorts of shapes and sizes, colors and designs. So it definitely is worth checking out.



Yet another accessory that’s small in size but quite large in its value. Add a touch of glamour to your hand by getting yourself some of these amazing rings from Masala Beads. It feels right! and it looks good as well.


Smartphone Cases

Smartphone cases are one of the most popular items in Masala Beads Catalogue. And rightly so! We all want to protect our phones. The level of abuse our phones take on a daily basis of quite rough. So it’s about right that we try and minimize the damage as much as possible. Masala Beads has some of the most unique as well as some of the best smartphone cases available in the market. The design is enough to make your phone pop while at the same time is durable enough to withstand our level of carelessness. 😛



Feel like changing the scenario of your room? Want to make it look like your fortress of solitude? Why not add some bright lights? Surely you’ve had this thought yourselves haven’t you? Most of our rooms are quite common in it’s design. You’ve got the bed, the desk, the closet and the occasional instrument by the corner. And the lighting is dull as it could ever be. So spice it up, add some color, some lights, make it feel like a different place, your palace. Masala Beads has the perfect item for you to start with. BRIGHT LIGHTSSSSSS!!!


Water Bottles

When it comes to water bottles, it does not get personal than that. Your personal water bottle is your safe haven, it’s yours and only yours. And when it that’s personal, you’d better have a bottle that’s quite unique in it’s build, and it’s design. And for that, Masala Beads is here to give you your personalized water bottle.



Need we say more about Bracelets? Does it need any explanation? Why would it? Bracelets are like the gift of the gods. It’s a must have accessory. Even if it’s just a single bracelet, you must have it. Adding a simple enough bracelet to your everyday look will instantly make you look COOOOOOOOL!!!!! and who doesn’t want to cool! Don’t let that wrist go without a bracelet. Check out all the different types of bracelets available at Masala Beads. They’ve even got a couple bracelet. Now ain’t that sweet!



Now I’m no scrunchie expert, but from the times I’ve seen women with a scrunchie, I can say it’s a must have accessory for a causal style. Tie your hair with it, or wear it on your wrist, you’ll look amazing. And like every other accessory on this list, Masala Beads has a unique catalog of scrunchies available. Check it for yourself!



Yes, they’ve got bags too. Side bags, tote bags, canvas bags, they’ve got em all. It’s upto you to select the type of bag that fits your style.

Click the link below and check them out.



And last but definitely not the least, we’ve got hats. What’s to say about a hat other than the fact that the type of hat that you wear says a lot about you. It’s not just an accessory, it’s a statement of who you are. So it’s crucial that you select the right type of hat to wear. At Masala Beads, you’ll find it all. Hats that fit every occasion, hats that are bold and hats that make you stand apart from the crowd.


So there you are! Some of the best Masala Beads products for you to choose from. These are just some of the crazy number of items Masala Beads offers. We felt these might be the ones to look out for amongst the rest. But if you feel like checking the rest of Masala Beads catalogue, visit the Daraz website or download the app and surf through tons and tons of amazing fashion accessories.

Happy Shopping!

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