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How To Stay Healthy & Active During Lockdown

So you wanna know how you can stay healthy and active during lockdown? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Go through the article and try and implement at least two of the mentioned activities. We assure you, your body and your mind will thank you for your efforts.


Physical wellbeing is an important part of our lives – something which most of us tend to overlook. Probably because of the misconception surrounding the word exercise. The word exercise doesn’t always mean going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. It’s about keeping your body fit and moving. You don’t need weights for that. Jump, stretch, run, or dance. Just get your body moving. And if you can, try working out. You don’t need weights. You’ll find plenty of different body workouts that require no weights at all .

Watch the video if you want to learn how to workout without using any weights.

Proper Sleep Schedule

Almost all of us have disrupted our sleep schedule because of the lockdown. We sleep really late in the night and wake up late in the morning. A bad habit we’re forcing ourselves into. A proper sleep is very important for a healthy body and a healthy mind. It is during our sleep that our body and mind recovers itself. Without a proper sleeping schedule, your body and your mind will not receive the required rest that it needs. So create a sleep schedule and adhere to it with discipline.


I’m sure you know just how wide-spread Yoga is in the modern world. For thousands of years, people have turned to yoga to easy their mind and their body. Yoga is more than just ways of stretching your body, it’s an art and you are the artist. It’s a practice of the body and the mind.

If you’re completely new to Yoga, watch the video below.

Balanced Diet

Maintaining a proper balanced diet is just as important as exercising. Afterall, your diet is your primary source of energy. So it’s crucial to be wary about just what you put into your body. Especially in the long term, the diet that you follow today is a road map for your health in the future.

This lockdown, try and create a healthy diet for yourself. You can add the occasional cheat meal where you fulfill all your cravings but create a schedule for that. Be wary, and stay healthy. If you want to learn more about how you can create a balanced diet, watch the video below.


I’m sure all of us have heard about meditation. But have we ever tried them? Do we have the patience? Pretty sure we don’t. But what if we tried? What if we were to tap into our inner self and harness that power?

In a sense, Meditation is a form of yoga. Its a practice that stems back hundreds of years and is followed by millions around the world. It teaches you to rid your mind of negativity and improves your focus, awareness.

It’s an exercise for your mind. So try it. Take one step at a time. Don’t try to mediate for a long period in your first try. Instead try for 10 minutes and then progressively increase the time. Who knows, maybe you come out of this lockdown as a changed being!


Yet another activity for your mind – Reading. When was the last time we actually opened up a book to read? Seems like a long time right? Well, that needs to change. It’s a shocker that most of us tend to turn our heads the other way when it comes to reading. It’s a shocker. But it is something that needs to change. Reading is an exercises for your mind but it’s also more than that. Instead of staring at your screen all day, try reading. The simple act of reading actually strengthens mental muscles, increases creativity, reduces stress and anxiety. The benefits are endless.

So this lockdown, turn off your cellphone, open up a book and give it a go. Take baby steps, one chapter at a time and see just how you start to develop your mental abilities.

Well, there you have it. Some easy ways you can stay healthy and active during the lockdown. Don’t just scroll through this, actually try it, see the difference that it makes. And then decide whether you want to continue with it. But try!

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

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