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How to make the most of the Daraz Mahabachat Bazar?

It’s the second day of the Daraz Mahabachat Bazar campaign and i’m sure you all are probably already aware about all the deals, discounts and offers that are currently available. But do you know how you can make the most of each of the discounts? How you can get the best deals and the best discounts on all your purchase?

If you want some ideas as to how you can make the most of this year’s Mahabachat Bazar then stick to the end of this blog, i’ll give you all the ideas you can take in. Let’s begin.

Download the Daraz App

This is probably the most important step of them all. You must download the Daraz app, not just for the sake of easy shopping. But because, through the Daraz app, you’ll be constantly notified about all the best deals, flash sales that are available for a limited time. With the Daraz app, you’re one step ahead than the rest. So download the app right now if you haven’t. It’s available on both the IOS and andriod.

Play the One Rupee Game

The one rupee game is probably the best offer of the entire Mahabachat Bazar campaign. For just Re.1, you have the chance to win amazing prizes such as the Iphone 12 worth Rs. 13,3000, Shree Balaji Diamong Earrings worth Rs. 50,000, Riversong Vibe N SP30 2.1 Multimedia Speaker, and Manaslu MG2 Sunburst 4-band Semi-Acoustic Guitar. Surely, you can’t miss this amazing chance right?

Well, if you want to learn how to play the One Rupee Game, check out the blog below.


Keep track of the Mega Deals

The Daraz Mahabachat Bazar has a lot of amazing deals, discounts and offers for all the customers. And most of these deals are only available for a limited period of time. After which, the offers will disappear. So if you want the best deals, be sure to keep track of them all. The best way you can do is by download the Daraz app. As mentioned before, via the app, you will be constantly notified about all the best deals and offers that are currently available so you won’t miss out.

Vouchers are your friend

The Mahabachat Bazar is also offering customers lots and lots of vouchers. And you, the customer, can use those vouchers to slash the price on your favourite product. We want all our customers to have the best shopping experience as they possibly can. And vouchers is our way of expressing the fact that we are glad you’re here with us. So be sure to make use of all those vouchers as best as you can.

Don’t know how to use vouchers? Check out the blog below:

Make use of Payment Promotions

Daraz Mahabachat Bazar also features Bank Partner Promotions as well as Bank Days which offers customers two new oppurtunities to slash the price on their favourite products. Be sure to make use of such promotions to avail further discounts. This is your chance to reduce the price significantly on your purchases.

Go through Buying Guide

Daraz life buying guide offers customers relevant information regarding everything they want to know about Daraz. From campaign informations, to how to’s, our buying guide will leave you full of information. So once before shopping on Daraz, be sure to check out our buying guide.

Keep revisiting the Daraz App

You must keep revisiting the Daraz app just so that you don’t miss out on anything. Yes, you will be notified about the best deals in place but the Mahabachat Bazar contains loads and loads of deals which is quite frankly impossible to notify via notifications. So keep revisiting the Daraz app and keep checking to see if there are any amazing limited time offers or not. You’ll thank us later.

So there you are, best ways to make sure that you have the best shopping experience during the Daraz Mahabachat Bazar campaign. If you want detailed information regarding all things Mahabachat Bazar, check out the blog below.

Download the Daraz app today

Happy Shopping

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