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India Bazaar Fest मा छ के? Read & Find Out

Daraz has now announced the start of the much-awaited India Bazaar. This week-long campaign(15th-21st Sept) is the first of its kind launched by Daraz and is part of their Global Collection Initiative. If you recall, Daraz recently announced the launch of Global Collection – a new initiative that offered customers a chance to shop goods from India and China via the Daraz app or the Daraz website. But that’s not what we’re here for are we? However, if you want to learn more about Global Collection, CLICK HERE.

Moving on to the matter at hand, India Bazaar is a unique opportunity for customers to shop amazing branded products from India at discounts of up to 75% along with a chance to win Free Vouchers to gain additional discounts. So let’s look at everything that’s available on the India Bazaar in detail.

Discounts on International Standard Products

One of the major attractions of India Bazaar is the fact that customers have a chance to shop branded products from some of the best brands from India. The India Bazaar hosts around 11,000 products spanning over 36 top brands and is offering discounts of off up to 75%. We highly recommend customers check what’s available on India Bazaar themselves. Click HERE to learn more.

As for the brands, I’ve listed some of the brands that customers can shop from during the India Bazaar.

  1. Starstruck by Sunny Leone
  2. Mysa Fashion
  3. Janasya
  4. Four Seasons India
  5. Sukkhi Fashion Jewelry
  6. Campus Sutra
  7. Pannkh
  8. Diens India
  9. Faballey
  10. Candyskin

These are only 10 of the 36 brands that are available on India Bazaar. If you want to find more, click the link below.


Free Shipping

Customers who shop during the India Bazaar will be able to get Free Shipping on their orders. Well, this depends on whether the seller is offering Free Shipping or not. But nevertheless, it is worth checking out because why wouldn’t you want to save costs on shipping.

Free Vouchers

Another major prospect is customers can make use of FREE VOUCHERS. As is with most of Daraz’s campaigns, vouchers are available on India Bazaar. And if you’re a regular customer, you know just how amazing vouchers can really be when you’re shopping on Daraz. And if you’re a new user, well vouchers basically help you to get additional discounts on your product of choice.


Brand Partners

Campus Sutra, Janasya, and Sukkhi are our Brand Partners for the India Bazaar. Let’s look at what they have in store for us:


Janasya is an Indian Clothing Manufacturer that creates international quality standard ethnic wear. Blending contemporary trends with Indian art forms, Janasya creates surreal designs that are suitable for anybody and taste. Janasya is offering up to 50% off on all its products for India Bazaar. Customers will also be able to win vouchers to get additional discounts. Take a look at some of Janasya’s amazing wears available on Daraz.



Sukkhi is a jewelry brand from India. Founded in 2012, the company has been crafting high-quality jewelry that has earned them quite a good reputation. Sukkhi is offering discounts of up to 50% off on all of their products for India Bazaar. Take a look at some of their amazing collection.



Campus Sutra is a youth brand that creates merchandise based on the slice of life of a young person in India. They are offering discounts of up to 55% off on all their products for India Bazaar. Have a look at some of their amazing products.


India Bazaar starts from today 15th September and will last till 21st September. We highly recommend customers not to miss out on this opportunity to shop amazing branded products from India. It’s easy and it’s available at amazing prices. Download the Daraz app if you haven’t already or visit the Daraz website by clicking the link below.


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