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iPhone 13 Launched- Now Available for Pre-Order on Daraz

The wait is finally over. Yes, Apple has new and upgraded iPhones for its aficionados, and like any other model, the hype meters are way above healthy levels. The tech giant stated the release of the iPhone 13 on the 14th of September this year with some promising new improvements. And now it’s available for pre-order on Daraz. Click the link below to get your hands on the new iPhone 13.


iPhone 13 is making its appearance alongside three more models, iPhone 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 mini. Considering the accumulated hype, Daraz is facilitating pre-order to its dear customers. So, let us explore the iPhone 13 specs, its prices, cameras, and other upgrades.  

Design and Dimensions

What do you think attracts most customers? Is it the chip? The Camera? Sorry to burst your bubbles, but aesthetics consistently rank higher when it comes to average consumer preference. iPhones or “Eye phones” always prioritize aesthetics with every new release alongside camera functions.

So, let us take some time to gush about the design and the sizes Apple came up with for their latest release. If we compare the invention, the new launch will strike a lot of similarities with the iPhone 12. You will find the new model a little thicker and heavier, which means improvement in battery and backup. When it comes to the width, there is a 20% reduction in the notch size.


All the models that got launched in September feature OLED displays. So, what’s new? Well, the new Pro models have something called new ProMotion display technology. This feature will gift the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max with an impressive refresh rate of 10Hz to 120Hz based on the running application.

Check out the iPhone 13 Pro Max Here:

Small Notch

A lot of complaints had piled up against the Face ID cutout and notch on previous models. Finally, the company has responded with smaller cutouts on this year’s iPhone lineup. To be precise, they will have a 20% smaller width but sit at a slightly higher position. The tiny change comes from the relocation of the earpiece speaker at the top bezel. Overall, the iPhone 13 will have a sleek design with a noticeable notch reduction.

Upgraded Cameras

With the iPhone 13 and 13 mini releases, Apple promised a massive leap in the camera design. The new Camera will facilitate a wide Camera with 47% more light so that the images are brighter and hold less noise. All the models will have a sensor-shift optical image stabilizer, a feature limited to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phone will stabilize the sensor rather than the lens with the added feature, giving users a more steady shot.

The feature with the most hype is the new Cinematic mode feature, which allows automatic focus-change and depth effect on videos. The quality is similar to the portrait mode available on image mode. Also, users can change the focus on the video even after the capture and maintain the bokeh levels in iMovie and the Photos app.

A new introduction to the world of Apple cameras is the Photographic Styles. This allows the users to choose between customized filters that will give just the right amount of adjustment to their photos. Also, the changes get done intelligently to preserve crucial elements like skin tones. It’s Apple, and we can expect some extras on the Pro Models.


So, the Pro and Pro Max models have some exclusive treats for Cameras. Both of these models have an Ultra-Wide camera. The nitty-gritty stuff is 92% boost for low light performance, auto-focus, 6-element lens, and f/1.8 aperture. In common light conditions, the Camera provides 2.2x improvement and f/1.5 aperture.

Some of the other features are:

  • Users can now capture magnified images of the objects with the macro photography feature. The focus distance is just 2 centimeters.
  • Night mode for all cameras
  • Smart HDR4
  • ProRes video record

A15 Bionic Processor and Connectivity

A new model means a new chip is mandatory. Thus, the iPhone 13 and its lineup get powered with the A15 Bionic processor.

As for the connectivity, Apple maintained its previous specs despite the several rumors of low-earth-orbit satellite commutation features and mmWave 5G support.

Storage and Batteries

The iPhone 13 and the mini model increased their base storage from 64 GB to 128GB. So, users can purchase the new model with 128, 256, and 512 GB configurations. The 1TB storage option is only available on the Pro models.

Users were really looking forward to a better battery performance with the new iPhone 13. This is because the iPhone 12 had a weak battery life due to 5G and other changes. The company made some improvements, like connecting the SIM card slot with the mainboard. This shaved off some thickness from the front optical modules, which improved battery health. According to Apple, iPhone 13 has 2.5 hours of longer battery life compared to the iPhone 12.


iPhone 13 Color

New iPhones mean new and exciting color designs. The iPhone 13 and Pro Max provides the following color choices for their users:

  • Graphite
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Sierra Blue


Let’s face the fact; iPhones will suck out a chunk off of your pocket. But, iPhones are not just some random rectangular phone. You are paying for a brand that has years of credibility behind its every release. Every previous iPhone user can somehow guess the average prices.

Apple released the iPhone 13 at $799. As for Nepal, the price of the iPhone 13 is set at Rs.137,900. Visit the Daraz website or download the Daraz app and pre-order your new phone.



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