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Is Freelancing Worth it? Our thoughts

The word ” freelancing ” repeatedly resonates with the Corona Virus still lurking in the global health alleys. So, what is freelancing? And why is it trending more and more as the lockdowns become more frequent? It turns out that freelancing is just a way to work from home. Yes, it’s a highly blissful situation for those who have always wished to work from home.

But is freelancing better than a job? Well, we want to leave the conclusion on your side. After all, it’s you who decide what falls under your definition of comfortable and what does not. Anyways, let us start by exploring the basics of freelancing.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is simply working from the home premises that would otherwise require traditional office hours. Not everyone enjoys remaining bound within regular office hours and eating their meals on time allocated by the official rules. When people have the flexibility to work and rest, some perform better. But, notice the word “some” in the earlier sentence because working as a freelancer has its own sets of pros and cons.

If you still have confusion regarding freelancing, let us see with an example. Let us consider you are a writer. While the traditional job system demands you present within the office premises 5-6 days a week within a certain time bracket. Then, the pandemic and lockdowns enter the plot, and physically attending office becomes risky for you and your family at home. So, what choice do you have? Exactly! Freelancing.  


Is Freelancing Easy?

The answer to that query varies with person and the type of work. So, is freelancing hard? Absolutely! We have to remember that freelancing is just a new way of doing your old job. If you are struggling at your position within office premises, chances are you will carry the same feelings when you are a freelancer.

When you think of freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Freelancer.com, Flexjobs, Guru, LinkedIn, and others, they are just a medium that connects you and your work. Getting jobs from these websites does not make your actual job easier but provides you with time and space flexibility. There is also the initial phase of uncertainty you need to consider before starting freelancing. Your chances of landing the next client and getting paid depending on your research, efforts, and reviews from previous projects.

Also, you will be doing a wide range of works as a newbie freelancer. While the office job you hated only demanded specific skills, you will have to research project management, sales, and client management now that you have the freelancer tag on your profession. But, the process only gets easier when you start blending with the environment. Landing gigs and filtering scams becomes easier once you have the momentum. Make sure you provide quality products to your clients so that their reviews and testimonials will aid you in propelling your career in the right direction. Reviews are essential because negative remarks and comments mean the whole world will be accessing you through their lens.

Is Freelancing Good for Students?

Freelancing is something that people of any age group can commit, and by that, I mean you should pass the maturity meters of society. That brings us to the question at hand, is freelancing safe for students, and how much can a student earn from freelancing? All these questions have a lot of variables with values that vary from person to person.

If you think about the current situation, college fees are skyrocketing, and the working restrictions imposed on the students are not helping either. No student will say no to extra money. Even if they have their tuition fees covered, extra money means flexibility in many sectors of life. Students have so much to deal with, including assignments and examinations. So, they cannot commit to fixed hours unless they are on vacation.

So, freelancing can be a good option. If you have the essentials to tackle projects, you can work as a freelancer. You can adjust the working hours length of the project and get paid decent bucks in the process. As for how much you can take home depends on the number of projects you complete and the weight of those projects in the global market.

Is Freelancing Worth it in 2021?

The question here is irrelevant of the year variable now. The coronavirus is evolving, and we might be seeing more lockdowns in the future. So, freelancing can be a good start for those who cannot attend the office physically. Also, some have been robbed of their jobs solely due to pandemic restrictions. For those, freelancing could be the only option.

Similarly, another upside of freelancing is that you can train yourself with the resources you find on the internet and gradually climb the ladders of freelancing. You just have to decide, work on a particular set of skills, and commit your time. Often, freelancing is hard on starting years and gradually eases out as you gain experience and hone your skills. If you scan the freelancing websites, you can see people charging even $100 to $200 per hour for their services in software development, designing, digital marketing, writing, etc.


If I have to conclude the main points under a single heading, we can divide the freelancing career into different topics.

  • You should define your goals and where you want to reach as a freelancer.
  • If you are ready to work, sit down and brainstorm your best skills. Since most skill sections are saturated, applying on units that suit your interest will make the hustle easier.
  • Once you have the list of all your skills, it’s time to merge them and find something worth paying. Your service should be of use to someone on the other side of the globe.
  • If you are just starting as a freelancer, do not be greedy for money. Everyone starts at the bottom, and you can begin with reasonable rates that are okay with your current skillset. As you gradually improve and complete more projects, you can increase your rates.
  • Make sure the platform you are working on has all the legal ends tightly sewn. The payment and taxes should always be in a positive direction. Otherwise, you could face legal issues in the future.
  • It’s always not about people reaching out to you. If you have the right skills and competitors are lurking on the website, you need to reach out to potential clients to score the job personally.

Well, these are some of the points you need to consider before you embark on your freelancing journey. Like any other skill, you need to accumulate experiences along the way and pave your customized path as you progress. Freelancing can be easy for some and hell for some, but working hard and committing to something always pays off. With that said, we wish good luck to anyone thinking of starting their career as a freelancing and best wishes for those already in progress.


Prabesh Niruola is a writer who has been venturing into the realms of content writing for 5+ years. While he does not bind himself to a particular niche, his extensive research on the subject at hand and skillful ways to present the context help him shine in this profession. Apart from professional writing, he also expands his horizons through poems. If you love expressing or reading poems, do follow him on his Commaful profile. The link is given below.


Prabesh is also a heavy metal fan and indulges in the constant pursuit of guitar mastery.

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