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Why is Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

Ah, the Day of the lovers, where you can get a lethal dosage of romantic serum from just watching couples around you. Valentine’s Day embodies the mysterious sentiment called love that binds humans together. I wouldn’t say love does not appear in other life forms, but we are intelligent with a particular day on the calendar for love. So, why is Valentine’s Day celebrated, and how did the Day earn its name?

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Where Does Valentine’s Day Originate From?

To explore the history behind this beautiful Day, we need to go back decades or even centuries this case. The name Valentine comes from Saint Valentine, who worked as a Catholic priest somewhere in the 3rd Century. The priest might have ascended to the heavens, but his admiration for love still lurks to this Day on February 14th.

source: History.com

The history starts at the time when Romans were slowly changing to Christianity. The then-ruling Emperor Claudius II had some strict laws that restricted the Christians on what to and what not to do. One such rule advised the Roman soldiers to remain unmarried as people with no emotional connections were more valuable on the battlefield.

If you think that’s the dark truth about Valentine’s Day, then wait until you hear the real story behind it. Priest Valentine having his utmost affection for love, started secretly pairing soldiers with their partners. Seeing his devotion and care for romance and love, the Government buried him with treasures and accolades. Just Kidding! His secret operation soon climbed to the authorities, and the priest got jailed for not abiding by the law.

As it happens, the priest got executed on February 14th, 270. But, it was only some 200 years later that the Day got marked as Valentine’s Day by the then-ruling pope. So, we now know of the Valentine’s Day massacre that plunged a heavy knife on the hearts of people who prioritize love and romance. By the time the Day got its specific name, the war in Rome had settled down, and Christianity had cemented its foot in the lands.

Valentine’s Day Facts and History

 So, why is Valentine’s Day celebrated despite the sad events? Much of it boils down to respect for the priest and his stand for love. The truth about Valentine’s Day might spur a moment of sadness on our hearts, but we should all try to understand the message of the late priest. He stood firm to the right to love and have romance in life to his death.  

Intrigued with the contribution and upon knowledge of the tragic Valentine’s Day history, people started singing the names of the brave priest. Poets like Chaucer started linking the priest with love and romance in the middle ages. The news and inclusions started affecting parts of Europe, and people began organizing gatherings on February 14th. People who attended the meetings shared love poems and played flirtation games.

What are the 14 days of Valentine?

Now that we know more about Valentine’s Day history let us delve deeper into the culture and the so-called rituals that follow the romantic Day. The 14th or Valentine’s Day journey starts from February 7th or Rose Day. As the name suggests, it is the day when lovers express their love for their significant other with a rose (a red one in particular).

The following days also come with the same purpose as their Day. Rather than explaining them one by one, we will list the days for the readers.

  • February 8th: Propose Day
  • February 9th: Chocolate Day
  • February 10th: Teddy Day
  • February 11th: Promise Day
  • February 12th: Hug Day
  • February 13th: Kiss Day
  • February 14th: You Probably Already Know What Day it is

While the day allocation is a tradition, it’s not mandatory. After all, love is limitless and knows no bounds. Let no date or time refrain you from expressing love for the ones you genuinely care about. Valentine’s Day is just a day to celebrate love and romance. One can only imagine a world where people prioritized love, understanding, and warmth, just like February 14th.




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