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Customer Service Policies at Daraz

At Daraz our customers and sellers are both an integral part of our marketplace ecosystem. It is our priority to ensure all customer complaints are taken care of within an industry best, stipulated time frame. To regulate this, we have integrated global criterion standard operating procedures all set to make sure that customer issues and errors are addressed as soon as possible. However, in case of technical difficulties we ensure that customers are kept informed.

Likewise, our operating procedures not only incorporate solutions to the issues, but also lists a variety of different policies for both the seller and the customer. These policies are put in place to make sure that both Daraz customers and sellers have a seamless online experience. In a continuous effort to become a more customer centric company here are our crucial policies and agreements:

1) Ensuring Compliance by Seller:

i) Market Place Agreement

Marketplace Agreement is entered between Daraz and Seller while onboarding each Seller on Daraz Platform.  The agreement outlines the responsibilities and requirements for the sellers to conduct business within the ambient of existing laws of Nepal.

ii) Seller Code of Conduct

To ensure that the seller is compliant, Daraz has published the seller’s code of conduct which ensures that the seller abides by various provisions relating to anti-bribery, child labor, forced labor, and working hours of local law.

2) Terms and Conditions for Customer:

We have the following policies in place for our customers which enhances the shopping experience with Daraz along with ensuring the compliance with laws:

i) Return policy:

If any customer is not satisfied with their product, they can easily return the product under the conditions mentioned in the return policy within the specific timeline.

ii)  Refund policy:

If the product is eligible for a refund, the customers can get a timely refund from Daraz. The timeline differs based on the method of payment made by the customer.

iii) Privacy policy:

To ensure your data is protected and is not misused, Daraz has also introduced the Privacy Policy which deals with the protection of customers’ personal data and its limited use.

iv) Warranty policy:

Warranty Policy consists of details of the Brand Contact List for locations of the service centers of the products providing the warranty.

3) Publishing of the prohibited list for the Sellers

To maintain a safe and trustworthy shopping experience, certain products cannot be listed or sold on Daraz or may be subject to additional requirements because they have legal or regulatory restrictions which is guided by the prohibited list that is published by Daraz on the Seller Center of Daraz.

4) Notification to Seller to include the invoice in every package

Daraz has time and again introduced various policies that require the seller to insert valid PAN/VAT invoices in the package to be delivered by Daraz.

At Daraz it is our continuous endeavor to cater to our customers first and foremost. Excluding technical difficulties, all customer complaints within terms are addressed as soon as it is received. With a clear standard procedure and a dedicated team we hope that our services will only keep improving to exceed industry standards.   

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