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Masala Beads SUPER Brand Day – Add Extra Spice to Your Life

Tired of wearing the same old boring accessories and dulling down your absolutely awesome sense of style? Want to add a little bit of spice to your wardrobe? Keen on replicating the glamorous looks your favorite K-Pop stars rock on the daily? We’re not exaggerating when we say Masala Beads on Daraz is your one-stop shop to take your fashion from drab to fab!

And the best part is, if you shop Masala Beads on Daraz during SUPER Brand Day, you can take advantage of the greatest deals on all things trendy and cool. Enjoy flat 15% off on all Masala Beads products plus additional discounts through vouchers, bank days, and free delivery on orders over Rs. 999.

We suggest you start adding to your cart now and purchase your fav products on September 6 for Masala Beads Super Brand Day on Daraz. Don’t know where to start looking? We don’t blame you – Masala Beads has a huge catalogue. Here are just a few of our favorite products:


Necklaces stay close to the heart, literally and sentimentally. They are an ideal symbol of love, care, and affection and are the perfect piece of jewelry to wear on a daily basis. Masala Beads has a range of cute and dainty necklaces, sizzling chokers, and sentimental paired lockets.


It is widely believed that earrings tend to help both men and women appear more attractive. So, don’t wait any longer before picking up a few pairs for your everyday wear. Whatever you’re looking for, from chunky hoops to simple studs, Masala Beads is sure to have earrings for any occasion.


There’s nothing wrong with having a slight jewelry obsession. After all, as human beings, we can’t help but be attracted to shining, shimmering, and splendid objects. Rings are great because they are extra bling you can keep on hand at all times – literally. There are so many different styles and designs of rings that you can find the perfect piece for any outfit.


Beautiful bracelets can spice up anything you wear while showing off your personality. They can add a bit of glamour, class, edge, cuteness to any outfit depending on how you style them. Plus, they make great gifts for friends.

Body Jewelry

Body jewelry can help you add a little oomph to any outfit. Body jewelry is often the most underappreciated accessory when compared to other jewelry pieces. You can easily stand out at event by donning a simple yet stylish belly belt or anklet. Similarly, you can channel your inner girlboss with a sexy belly ring or septum ring.

Hair Accessories

With so many hair accessory options in terms of function, style, color, and more, it’s important to choose a piece that not only enhances your aesthetic but also helps you look and feel amazing. Your choice of hair accessories will also be influenced by the type of hair you have. If you have thick, long hair, you might want to go for a bigger, bolder clip as a more delicate accessory could get lost in your hair.


Masala Beads isn’t only about accessories; they’ve also got makeup! For many people, wearing makeup can increase self-esteem by making them feel more attractive and confident. It all comes down to what makes you feel the most beautiful and comfortable.


If you want to keep up with the latest styles and coolest trends, Masala Beads is the place to go. You’ll find the trendiest and cutest clothes on the market and be able to replicate your Pinterest fashion mood board!

Phone Accessories

Don’t let an ugly phone case drag your stylish look down. Make your phone a part of your outfit with cute and pretty accessories that can protect your device, add convenience, and tie your OOTD together.


Girlies who love to dress themselves up also love to dress up their stationery. Masala Beads has irresistible craft and art products that you’ll definitely want to display on your table and show off to everyone at school.


Make your room look as cute as you. Your room is your personal sanctuary, so make it match your style and personality. Posters, frames, lights, and other décor can make your room look amazing and feel like a comfortable haven.

Toys and Games

Keep yourself and others entertained with the perfect gifts for fidgety friends and easily-bored kids.

Masala Beads has got everything you could ever need to put together a stylish look that matches your personal aesthetic. Find jewelry, accessories, clothes, bags, makeup, toys, and so much more without having to look from store to store. Remember to shop during Super Brand Day on Daraz. Happy Shopping!

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