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Celebrating Pride With Offer: Aajako Nari Campaign on Daraz

Ladies, it’s time to celebrate your individuality, and what better way to do that than to unlock special benefits with the Aajako Naari Campaign on Daraz?

Aajako Naari isn’t just another celebratory campaign but an opportunity to tap into your inner diva and get rewards. With this campaign, you get exclusive offers and discounts from top brands in Daraz, so you can look best when stepping out in confidence.

Plus, when you shop with Daraz during the Aajako Naari Campaign, you get access to rewards and support from female business owners in Nepal. It’s a win-win situation both ways! So, let’s dive in and find out what this campaign has in store for us – special deals, discounted shipping, and more.

Get Entitled To Large Discounts

Teasing Hour Discounts

Aajako Nari at Daraz is more than just a women’s pride – it’s a celebration with a discount purchase. The teasing hour that starts on March 4, 2023, will continue for a few days and comes with a wide range of discounts.

During the first period of Aajako Nari’s Teasing hour (8 AM – 10 AM) on March 4, you can grab a discount of Rs. 77 on the purchase of Rs. 1000. Similarly, there will be 20% off from 1 PM to 3 PM on the same day. Also, during the closing hour, Daraz offers you a big discount of Rs. 200 on purchasing Rs. 2222.

On the second day of the teasing hour, you will be entitled to the same discount packages as March 4. Don’t forget to grab this big opportunity with huge discount offers.

Shipping Discounts On Teasing Days

On the Shipping Rush Hour, you can get up to 50% off shipping on the minimum purchase order of Rs. 2,222. It applies to all time slots on the teasing hour of the campaign, March 4 and 5. 

Rush Hour Discounts

The Rush Hour of Aajako Nari campaign begins on March 6, 2023, offering pleasing discounts. From 7 AM to 8 AM on March 6 and 7, you can get 30% Max Rs. 100 off in your shopping experience. Likewise, the cut price of Rs. 77 on the purchase of Rs. 1000 can be obtained from March 6 to 12 in all time slots.

Moreover, you can score 20% Max Rs. 100 off on your purchase from 1 PM to 3 PM from March 6 to 12. Likewise, a discount of Rs. 200 on the purchase of Rs. 2,222 will apply from 4 PM to 6 PM from March 6 to 12.

Shipping Discount During Rush Hour

On the first day of Rush Hour sales in Daraz, you can grab 50% off shipping with a minimum spend of Rs. 1500. From the second day of the rush hour sales; you can get 50% off in delivery fee on a minimum spend of Rs. 2,222 until March 12.

Mega Vouchers Discounts

Mega Vouchers discount comes in varied forms for Aajako Nari Campaign. You can get Rs. 200 off in the purchase of Rs. 2,999, Rs. 300 for Rs. 4,999, and Rs. 500 for Rs. 5999.

The offer does not end here – you can be lucky to get Rs. 1000 off for Rs. 19,999, Rs. 2000 in the purchase of Rs. 32,999, Rs. 3000 for Rs. 49,999, and a discount of Rs. 5000 for Rs. 74,999 shopping.

Shake Shake Offers

Daraz does not miss to shower you with offers regarding the campaign. On Aajako Naari Campaign, it has come with a Shake Shake offer that aims to provide several discounts. You can get Shake Shake Rs. 50 off on a minimum spend of Rs. 1000. Likewise, on a minimum spend of Rs. 2000, you can grab Rs. 100 off.

Moreover, there is an offer of Rs. 200 off in minimum spend of Rs. 3000.

Besides all that, you can also get Shake Shake Offers in mobile top-ups. It comprises Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 off on a minimum spend of Rs—100 and Rs. 200 on Top Up, respectively.

Category Vouchers

If you are more into category-wise shopping, Daraz still never leaves you worried. You can get 10% Max Rs. 250 off on a minimum spend of Rs. 2000 on Fashion products. Similarly, the Aajako Nari campaign showers you a 7% Max Rs. 200 discount on a minimum spend of Rs. 1500 on Audio and Wearables.

You can also get Rs. 100 off in purchasing at least Rs—1100 in Home Decor items. Likewise, the offer of 10% Max Rs. 250 can be obtained on a minimum spend of Rs. 1000 in the HB Category.

Through the Aajako Naari campaign, Daraz offers shoppers an inclusive, safe space to show their support to empower women. With this campaign, Daraz seeks to bring visibility and recognition to women in Nepal and to promote understanding and acceptance of diversity and the celebration with pride. Do not miss the great offers Daraz brings to your table.

Happy Shopping!!

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