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Daraz Payday Sale: Unlock Big Savings With Smart Shopping

The best time of any month is without a doubt payday. There’s no feeling as euphoric as when that salary hits your bank account and you can finally make the purchases you’ve been putting off. But no one wants to spend every last rupee they’ve spent the past month working tirelessly in one go. That’s where Daraz Payday Sale comes in. With Payday ko Jhatka, you can now revel in the joy of both shopping and saving, as the tagline suggests, “Kinmel Pani, Bachat Pani.

Discounts and Deals During Daraz Payday Sale

So, what exactly is Payday ko Jhatka and what can you, as valued Daraz customers, expect from this exciting campaign? Designed to provide an exclusive opportunity for individuals to maximize their savings and indulge in exciting benefits, this campaign unfolds its wonders on the 7th of every month.

This month’s Payday Sale or “Payday ko Jhatka” will take place from Bhadra 7, or if you’re a bigger follower of the English calendar, August 24. The campaign will last for four days until Bhadra 10 (August 27) and allow individuals to maximize their savings while indulging in a wide range of products on Daraz. With every purchase made on the 7th of the month, customers will receive free delivery, making online shopping even more accessible and affordable.

Mega Deals and Vouchers

Enjoy sensational discounts of up to 60% on a wide range of products. That’s not all – as a valued customer, you can also anticipate receiving vouchers worth up to Rs. 777. Get ready to fuel your shopping spree and unlock incredible savings during this remarkable sale event.

Prepayment Discounts

Similarly, customers are also in for an irresistible treat with prepayment discounts Daraz Payday Sale. Customers can enjoy 20% off up to Rs. 150 on prepayments made through eSewa, 15% off up to Rs. 500 on prepayments made through their Sanima Bank debit card, and 20% off up to Rs. 750 on prepayments made through their Sanima Bank debit card.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to make the most of your hard-earned salaries.

Daraz Payday Sale

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