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Empowering The Youths Of Nepal Through Digital Marketing

An initiative workshop was organized by the Daraz HR in collaboration with the Career Prep Fellowship on 9th June 2018 at Bikalpa Art Centre, Pulchowk, Kathmandu. As the participants are a group of youth with interest in digital marketing, some of them are already working in the digital marketing field while some are thinking of making a career in that field. The main objective of this workshop is to find potential candidates for the digital marketing team at Daraz. In addition to that, the event was held with the noble motive of making the young people equipped with the knowledge of Digital Marketing. The emphasis was also given in the development of the skills related to the field.


The workshop was conducted by Ms. Vidha Pradhan, Online Marketing Manager, Daraz Nepal in presence of Rajeev Amatya, Managing Director (MD), Daraz Nepal. The main motive of the programme was to provide ample knowledge in the field of digital marketing. It was an innovative collaboration keeping in mind the growing online market of Nepal. 22 desired people attended the event amongst whom the majority were students of the Bachelors and the Masters level who already have basic knowledge about digital marketing and want to learn more from it. Vidha Pradhan of Daraz Nepal shared her content regarding different topics namely, channels of Digital Marketing, the scope of Digital Marketing and career in Digital Marketing. The topics covered had an impact in how Digital Marketing Tools has helped Daraz in revolutionizing e-commerce industry in Nepal.

Ms. Vidha emphasized the elements of digital marketing viz SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM, Social Media Marketing. The social media has paved the way for the larger audience base for the companies to advertise. Following which she interacted with the audience answering the queries and also provided the in-depth analysis regarding the career of the youths in the field of digital marketing.

The event revolved around covering the various aspects of Digital Marketing. The participants’ interest grew as the topic turned to the topics of “Scope of Digital Marketing” and building a career upon it. As explained by Ms. Vidha, there is significant scope in the field of Digital Marketing and one could build a career on it. The flow of the speech grasped the attention of the audiences glancing through the slides put forward. The keen interest that the participants showed in the event provided us with the knowledge people being interested in different aspects of Information Technology, the growing market of Nepal.

Through this program, the HR Department explored the potential for finding the Digital Marketing Manager for the company. In this context, the participants were asked to take a test so as to determine the potential candidates.  

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