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Read This To Make Sure You’re Buying Authentic Products on Daraz

Daraz is the biggest online shopping site in Nepal. How big? It’s like all the famous markets in Kathmandu and other cities in one place under one roof. There are more than 4500 sellers and the number keeps growing, the number of products also exceed 3,50,000 and counting.

daraz online shopping in Nepal

Daraz is just like an endless street of stores or a huuuge multistoried building with numerous stores in every floor.

Here, you will find products and sellers of all kinds- just like a real marketplace. However, here are able to read reviews, ratings, compare the products, and even sellers from the comfort of your home.

And finally, to make sure you only buy authentic products online then DMall or DarazMall is where you should visit.

Don’t wanna read? Here’s a video that explains everything.

How Authentic is Dmall?

buy authentic products online

Sellers need to pass many requirements to be part of this elite section.

For instance, check out Juas, a store in Dmall, that offers superfoods, supplemetns, original ghee, authentic herb and such. They have an awesome following and are known for their quality and service. According to one customer, you can buy anything from Juas without even looking and still get a genuine service. You see, that is what Dmall means.

What makes Dmall special?

You get a premium service with original products and the benefits of 14-day free easy return and refund policy. In case, you don’t receive what you were expecting, you can easily return it and get your money back. But, sellers cannot afford to make such mistakes. Sellers must maintain a level of quality for which they are rewarded with more visibility. And they must only sell authentic products online.

This is what DarazMall is. 

What Brands Are Available on DarazMall?

buy authentic products online

You will find two types of stores in DarazMall: 

  1. Certified Stores: These are certified official resellers or distributors of specific brands. 
  2. Flagship Stores: These are a selection of online stores for brands including a number of popular local and international brands. 

The exact list of brands available on Daraz Mall is ever changing. Our teams keep adding and collaborating with reputed names both across the country and across the globe. You’ll find a mix of popular local and international brands for every category; fashion, electronics, cosmetics, and so on.

buy authentic products online
You can check it out yourself here.

How to Make Sure You’re Buying Authentic Products on Daraz?

There are numerous sellers that offer good service on Daraz but to completely make sure you are buying authentic products – Dmall is the go to place.

Read this to learn how to order on the Daraz app

There are three ways to do this: 

  1. Browse Products Exclusively Through the DarazMall Tab
    The first, and probably easiest way, to ensure you only come across genuine products on Daraz is to shop from the DarazMall tab you can see at the front of your app/website. This will take you to the Mall where you can customize your search based on categories. 
  2. Look Out for the DarazMall Logo While Browsing the Website/App
    Whenever you search for a product, you will see certain product results display a thin blue bar above their name. These are certified genuine products from DarazMall. 
  3. Filter Your Search Results In addition to looking for the DarazMall banner, you also have the option of filtering your search results by checking the DarazMall option underneath ‘Services’. This will ensure that only DarazMall products will be displayed in your search result. 

Our only goal is making life easier for our customers and dmall is the place to buy authentic products online. If you have any complaints or suggestions please do leave them in the review section.

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