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24 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

Father’s Day is around the corner, and naturally, you want to gift something special for your dad. If you need help in figuring out what to gift your dad, here are some cool and practical gifts for dad!

Dads are reserved, a bit distant but in no way less sensitive. They do long for some appreciation. There are a lot of ways to show your dad the appreciation he deservers. This Father’s Day gift your dad something he can treasure for the rest of his life.

Don’t just gift him any generic Father’s Day gift. I’m sure you know what your dad loves. Think hard and make a choice that is personalized and useful. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of well thought out gifts for Father’s Day.

1. Watch

Watches make for a great Father’s Day Gift. Gift him one with a classic style.

BTW, Titan’s Brand Day is happening right before Father’s Day on DarazMall. That would be a sweet time to get great Titan watches at incredible discounts.

2. Grooming Set

A nice portable trimmer will help him when he’s on the go. Add some grooming kits from Gillette, and it’s a fine gift.

3. Formal Shoes

Gift him a pair of sophisticated, leather shoes, he’ll love to show them off.

4. A Good Looking Wallet

What better than a genuine leather wallet from Wildhorn that lets him keep it all organized, and feels nice at the same time.

5. Duffle Bag

This simple-looking duffle bag has a lot of spaces, and won’t let your Dad cramp everything in!

6. A Nice Shirt

If he loves style and comfort, an awesome original from Oxemberg that goes with his bottoms will definitely be a pleasant surprise.

7. Fitness Gadget

Vist Mi’s Official Store on DarazMall

How about a gadget such as Mi Band 4 that lets him monitor his heart-rate, activity, and sleep! 

8. A Brand New Belt

Don’t you think it’s time he replaced his old belt for a new one? So, why not gift him one?

Check out more authentic leather belts from Wildhorn on DarazMall

9. A Pair of Sunglasses

He’ll enjoy the sunshine even more from some really cool shades at DarazMall from Tifosi, Bishrom and more, check it out below.

10. Laptop Sleeve

If his laptop is everything he needs, consider gifting him a profesh-looking laptop sleeve that will protect it from scratches and bumps.

11. Patterned Socks

Let your dad’s feet get to feel these anti-bacterial and comfortable pairs of socks from Happy Feet.

12. A Special Tea Cup

How about a special tea cup that reminds him how much you love him every time he takes a sip of his morning tea.

13. Summer Sandals

What Dad doesn’t wear men’s sandals? Get him one that fits nicely to his feet will be a go-to all summer long.

14. Solid Joggers

Your dad can do it all (or not do a thing) in these cool cotton-blend fleece sweats.

Check out more Jogger’s From Nyptra on DarazMall

15. Perfume

The freshness of mint, lavender and aromatic notes of patchouli will definitely not let your dad go unnoticed. Consider Wildstone for an awesome father’s day gift.

16. Travel Bag

Traveling is hectic, so better consider gifting him a heavy duty travel bag that fits everything he could possibly need on the road.

Check out more authentic bags on DarazMall

17. Nylon Solid Stripped Tie

A new stylish tie that goes with anything and fits your budget too, why not? Check out this 4.5 star rated tie on Daraz

18. Power Bank

For someone that needs to be in touch all the time, this authentic powerbank from X-age will sure come handy. Your dad will love these, trust me.

Check out more from X-Age here.

19. Wireless Headphone

Give him a pair of wireless headphones that has an amazing sound quality such as the new Oppo Enco M31 exclusively available on DarazMall.

20. Mheecha Flow Hip Pack

This awesome hip pack from Mheecha not only will let your Dad keep his hands totally free but still travel light. Made in Nepal, it not only looks coo, but it’s also versatile, useful and made to last.

21. Bluetooth Speaker

If your dad loves music, a portable Bluetooth speaker is a perfect gift. Check out some really cool speakers on Daraz like the original JBL Pulse 3 shown in the picture sold by Evostore on DarazMall. You can also find other more affordable ones like this one from X-age.

22. Running/Training Shoes

Get him a nice running shoe so that he has something awesome to show off to his jogging buddies.

Check out this link for authentic running shoes from Adidas, Nike, Caliber, and more on DarazMall

23. BBQ Set

If he’s into grilling, he could always use a foldable and portable tabletop charcoal BBQ grill with some BBQ Skewers as well.

24. Windcheater

This may sound boring but a trendy and practical windcheater with plenty of stretch to it will make him look like the cool dad he already is.

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