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Here’s How You Can Give Reviews on Daraz! (Updated 2021)

Online shopping has, without any doubt, been a remarkable innovation that has made our lives easier! With the ease of access to millions to thousands of products of different assortment, Daraz aims to make online shopping in Nepal a safe, easy and convenient method of shopping!

Daraz offers strict strict guidelines for its vendors and strives to make its customer experience better with every step, however, with the ease of access to the internet by everyone in this age, everybody wants to make the most of it and among them can exist a black sheep.

Which is why you should always look for reviews and seller ratings. Seller ratings and reviews help identify buyers of honest and genuine vendors and get your desired products delivered to you.

Here’s How to Give Reviews on Daraz

▪ Open your Daraz App or website

▪ Click on “My Account

▪ Select the “To Review” icon on the top of the page

▪ After clicking on “To Review,” you’ll be redirected on your previous orders that you have to yet review

▪ Select an honest rating and write a review of the product!

▪ You can even post pictures of the product you received

▪ When you’re done, click on Share Review and your review will get posted!

Your Reviews Matters

Reviews can work both ways, you can even share the positive reviews that could help the vendor grow more and gain trust if you were satisfied with your dealing.

Daraz understands how big a difference seller/product reviews is in enabling a smooth shopping experience for its customers. Which is why Daraz encourages everyone to share their feedbacks, both negative and positive.

So, with your help, Daraz can maintain to be Nepal’s reliable online shopping a platform by focusing on checking the seller reviews, and in return, make a habit of reviewing back so other customers can have a happy experience as well!


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