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Are You Taking Care of Your Eyes? Here’s How You Can

The most important part of our body, EYES needs a lot of care and attention early in life in order to lessen the impacts of aging. A good eye-sight means taking enough care which is why this article will point out some ways to keep it healthy and to protect them. Today, more than ever, we should understand the effects of continuous watching of screens or unprotected working habitats can cause severe eye damage or permanent sight loss.

Some of today’s ophthalmologists (specialized eye doctors) and optometrists’ research show that having a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and wearing outdoor sunglasses can all help keep our eyes healthy. It is also highly recommended to visit an eye-specialist doctor for a routine checkup every 2-3 years to assure everything is fine.

Check below some of the practices you can do to reduce any eye-problem disease:

Visit an Eye-Care Practitioner Regularly

Go to an eye specialist like an ophthalmologist or optometrist when you are having trouble with your vision or to make sure your eyes are in good health. Ask them questions often to clear any doubts and to learn more about primitive control for eye-damage.

Make an appointment with the doctor every 2-3 years to see if there are any problems unseen through naked eyes.

Eat Well

Try to incorporate healthy food with high nutrients and calcium in your diet. For eyes, especially nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamins C and E are beneficial. Balancing meals with green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts (and other non-meat protein sources), oranges and pork can 1. Maintain a healthy weight and 2. Lower the chances of obesity leading to disease like type 2 diabetes.

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Wear UV-rays Protected Sunglasses

Keep away from direct sunlight. The harmful radiation from the sun like the UVA and UVB will affect the eyes in the long run. To protect from these UV-rays, wear sunglasses that have 99-100% of UV-rays protection glasses.

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Protection Wear

A lot of jobs such as at the lab, construction site and road control must make use of protective glasses. Any harmful chemical or continuous air pollution can strain eyes and start irritation.

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Avoid Too Much Computer Screen

Every screen flashes out blue light that if starred for too long can create tired and dehydrated eyes and puffiness around the eyes. Many specialists recommend avoiding blue-screen early in the morning and late at night.

Even during work, rest your eyes after 20 minutes, look 20 meter away for 20 seconds to relax your eyes. This 20-20-20 rule is a favorite go-to eye-exercise at Daraz office.

Position and Arrangements

The position of your computer screen or TV screen determines the effects on stressing our eyes. According to Eye Specialists, watching TV at a fair distance will not create any problem if positioned correctly. The room should have enough lighting to contrast with the screen or using a computer should be positioned at a 30-40 degree angle to support the right body structure.

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Even if you are not one of us hoovering day and night over a laptop/TV screen, the other risk factors are prone to irritate and damage our eyes. Many of it happens due to direct exposure to sunlight, unhealthy diet plans, and lack of exercise. A smart solution would be to follow a few of these exercises mentioned above and have a yearly eye-check up with the specialists. So, make sure you are taking good care of your eyes as you age.


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