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How To Make The Most of Dashain Dhamaka?

Have you shopped on Daraz Dashain Dhamaka? Have you made most of all the offers, deals, and discounts? Well if you haven’t, here’s a blog on how you can make the most of Daraz Dashain Dhamaka.

Download the Daraz App

The first and the most important step, download the Daraz app. If you want the best shopping experience, you’ll need to download the Daraz app. Through the app, you’ll be constantly notified about all the best deals, flash sales that are available for a limited time. You’ll be one step ahead of the rest. So download the app right now if you haven’t. It’s available on both the IOS and Andriod.

Play the One Rupee Game

The one rupee game is probably the best offer of the entire Dashain Dhamaka campaign. For just Re.1, you have the chance to win amazing prizes such as the Shree Balaji Diamond Earrings worth Rs. 50,000, Realme C21Y, Yasuda 2 in 1 Alkaline Water Purifier, Two nights three days couples round trip to Pokhara and Mantra Mukti Acoustic Guitar. Surely, you can’t miss this amazing chance, right?


Well, if you want to learn how to play the One Rupee Game, check out the blog below.


Keep track of the Mega Deals

The Daraz Dashain Dhamaka has a lot of amazing deals, discounts, and offers for all the customers. And most of these deals are only available for a limited period of time. The offers will disappear unless you’re quick to act. So if you want the best deals, be sure to keep track of them all. The best way you can do this is by downloading the Daraz app. As mentioned before, via the app, you will be constantly notified about all the best deals and offers that are currently available so you won’t miss out.

Vouchers are your friend

The Dashain Dhamaka is also offering customers lots and lots of vouchers. And you, the customer, can use those vouchers to slash the price of your favorite product. We want all our customers to have the best shopping experience they possibly can. And vouchers are our way of expressing the fact that we are glad you’re here with us. So be sure to make use of all those vouchers as best as you can.

Don’t know how to use vouchers? Check out the blog below

Make use of Payment Promotions

Daraz Dashain Dhamaka also features Bank Partner Promotions as well as Bank Days which offers customers two new opportunities to slash the price of their favorite products. Be sure to make use of such promotions to avail further discounts. This is your chance to reduce the price significantly on your purchases.


Go through Buying Guide

Daraz life buying guide offers customers relevant information regarding everything they want to know about Daraz. From campaign information to how-to’s, our buying guide will leave you full of information. So once before shopping on Daraz, be sure to check out our buying guide.

Watch the daily Daraz Livestream

Daraz Live is a recently launched in-app feature. It is Nepal’s first in-app shippable live stream. Through Daraz live, you will be able to gain more information regarding any product. The main focus here is to create a blend of retail and entertainment to present an innovative and fun experience for the customer where they can have a first-hand adjacent experience of brands, products right through the screens of their devices from the comfort of their home. Unlike the typical social media Livestream, Daraz Live will create a more seamless and interactive See Now, Buy Now experience for customers. Want to learn more about Daraz Live? Check out the blog below!

Keep revisiting the Daraz App

You must keep revisiting the Daraz app just so that you don’t miss out on anything. Yes, you will be notified about the best deals in place but Dashain Dhamaka contains loads and loads of deals which is quite frankly impossible to notify via notifications. So keep revisiting the Daraz app and keep checking to see if there are any amazing limited-time offers or not. You’ll thank us later.


So there you are, the best ways to make sure that you have the best shopping experience during the Daraz Dashain Dhamaka campaign. If you want detailed information regarding all things Dashain Dhamaka check out the blog below.


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