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India’s No.1 Earwear Audio Brand – boAt Now in Nepal

The time is finally nigh. India’s number one audio brand has officially landed in Nepal and is now all set to take the audio earwear game by storm. If you’re a music lover, well then you are in for a treat. And even if you’re not, you definitely would want to check boAt out, even if it is just for a single time – we assure you’ll come back wanting for more. (wink).

So let’s talk about boAt, shall we?

Who are boAt?

boAt (legal name Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd) is an Indian-based consumer electronics brand that markets and sells high-end affordable, durable, and fashionable earphones, headphones stereos, travel chargers, and premium rugged cables. The company was founded by Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta in 2014.

Why boAt?

The first question when it comes to choosing a new brand is why? Why should I buy this? What does it offer and how is it better than the one I already have?

Well, the answer is very simple. If you want top notch quality products at an affordable rate, you choose boAt. If you’re to take a look at boAt’s amazing lineup of products, you’ll find Wireless earpods or Airdopes (as they call it), Wireless Headphones, Smart Watches, Wired Earphones, Bluetooth Speakers, Home Stereo Speakers, Mobile Accessories, Men’s Grooming Kits, and Gaming Gears. And all these products are not just your everyday gears. Their quality? TOP NOTCH. As a result, boAt was voted the number one brand for truly wireless and earwear in India. (As per Q3 CY21)

Likewise, boAt was also voted as the 3rd best Earwear + Smartwatch Global Market. (As per Q3 CY21)

Rest assured, when you purchase a boAt product, you’re purchasing the best of the best. We can vouch for that.

Exclusive Online Launch on Daraz

And now, you can find boAt amazing products exclusively on Daraz. Let me give you a little peak at some of boAt’s products currently available on Daraz.

Airdopes 131

Product details of boAt Airdopes 131 Wireless Earbuds

  • Brand: boAt
  • Model: Airdopes 131
  • In Ear
  • HD Sound
  • 13mm Driver Size
  • Voice Assistant
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Ear Phone Battery 40mAh
  • Non Stop Music Upto 12 hours
  • Charging Time 2hrs, 10m Distance
  • Compatibility All Bluetooth Devices
  • 650 mAh Pocket Friendly Charge
  • Specially Designed for Music Lovers
  • Feather Weight for Comfort all day


Airdopes 441

Product details of boAt Airdopes 441 Wireless Earbuds

  • Brand: Boat
  • Model: Airdopes 441
  • In-Ear
  • IPX7 sweat and water resistance
  • HD Sound
  • 6mm Driver Size
  •  Bluetooth Version 5.0
  •  Ear Phone
  • Battery 43mAh
  •  Play Back Time 5hrs, Charging Time 1.5hrs
  • 10m Distance
  • Compatibility All Bluetooth Devices
  • 500 mAh pocket friendly charging case
  • Non Stop Music Upto 20 Hours
  • Designed for fitness entusiasts
  • Instant wireless connectivity
  • Activate voice Assistant with one click
  • Nonstop music upto 20 hours


Basshead 100

Product details of boAt basshead 100 wire earphones

  • Brand: boAt
  • Model: BassHeads 100
  • In-Ear
  • Super Extra Bass
  • 10mm Dyanamic Driver
  • Microphone
  • Compatibitity All 3.5mm Jack type
  • Hawk Inspired Design
  • In-Line Microphone
  • Activate Voice Assitant with one Click

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Basshead 152

Product details of boAt bassheads 152 wire earphones

  • Brand: boAt
  • Model:BassHeads 152
  • In-Ear
  • Super Extra Bass
  • 10mm Driver Size
  • Microphone
  • Compatibitity
  • All 3.5mm Jack type
  • HD Sound: boAt Signature Sound
  • Angeled Headphone Jack
  • Handsfree Communication
  • Activate Voice Assitant one click
  • Warranty

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Rockerz 235

Product details of boAt Rockerz 235

  • Brand: boAt
  • Model: Rockerz 235V2
  • In-Ear
  • IPX5 Sweat & Water Resistant
  • 10mm Driver Size
  • 110mAh, 8hrs Play Back Time
  • Compatibility All Bluetooth Devices
  • Charging Time 1.5hrs
  • Talk time 8hrs
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0

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Product details of boAt stone

  • Brand: boAt
  • Model: Stone 170
  • Mono Speaker
  • IPX6 Dust & Water-Resistant
  • Premium HD Sound
  • Light Weight and Portable
  • , full-range 4.445cm driver size
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • 1800 mAh battery
  • 6hrs playtime
  • charging time 4hrs
  • microphone, 15m distance
  • Integrated Control to Set the Vibes
  • Can connect through Aux Cable also
  • Hands Free Calling

Limited Pieces Available! Hurry Up

Well, need we say more? These are just a few of boAt’s amazing lineup of products currently available on Daraz exclusively. If you want to check out more boAt gears, click the link below.


Happy Shopping

Teletalk Pvt. Ltd. Is the National distributor of boAt for Nepal and is a part of Ramesh corp.

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