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5 Benefits of Paying Through Debit/Credit Card

The age of cashless transactions is just a few years away now. Many countries aim to go cashless in the near future. And, it’s time for you to take advantage of this new emerging trend in Nepal. Why you ask? Well, read on to find out as I list the benefits of paying through a Debit/Credit Card.


Convenience is the most apparent advantage of using cards. After all, you don’t have to always visit the bank or the ATM to get your money. By paying through cards online, you will never have to step out of the comfort of your home ever again. In fact, you could pay at any time via a computer or even your mobile phone.

For instance, just open your Daraz app, log in, browse through items, click buy and simply pay using your Visa Credit/Debit. It really is that simple and it won’t take you more than a few minutes. Say bye-bye to long queues at the bank or the ATM.


Paying online has many other benefits. You will no longer need to carry wads of cash. It’s also a safer and easier spending option when you are traveling. It’s very easy and you can use net banking to pay your utility bills.

Easy refund

You may have some bad experiences of not getting your refund on time when shopping online. By making payments online, you get the added advantage of having your funds credited to your bank account immediately in case you want to return a product. Since the funds get credited to your bank account immediately, you cut the risk of getting your refund delayed.  

Small gains

This may not seem that big but by paying online you can pay the exact amount without worrying about not having change or getting it back from the delivery person. Also, you can get awesome discounts from merchants when paying online. For instance, Daraz is offering 15% off on all card transactions.

Keep track of your spending

Paying online lets you keep track of all your transactions. Having a written record of your spending helps you in better budgeting and managing money.

So, there you go, if these points aren’t enough for you to get an online tech to write for us, then nothing will. Also, you might have known by now that Daraz has started accepting online payments through your Visa Debit/Credit from any Bank all over Nepal.  


Step 1: Activate Your Card

Dear customers, please note that your credit/debit card(s) need to be activated for online transactions before shopping on Daraz!  Contact your bank for further information.

Step 2: Select a Payment Method

At checkout select debit/credit card as a payment option.

Step 3: Enter Card Details

Input your card details and save them securely on our PCI-compliant platform.

Step 4: Place Your Order

Enter your OTP (received through SMS or email) if required and confirm your order.

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