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Top 6 Dashain Songs of All Time

We like music, we like singing, we like dancing and we like Dashain. So, it wasn’t long until someone made a song about Dashain. Some of these songs are old while some are newer. Dashain has a different meaning for different people and these songs are the same – some talk about the good times of Dashain, while some strike sadness and melancholy. 

After a good research, these are the songs which I believe are the ones that best capture the essence of Dashain – whether happy or sad. 

So, here you go the top 10 Dashain songs :

6. Dashain Ayo – Muglan

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Old is gold! This is a very popular song about Dashain by Udit Narayan Jha and Dipa Jha. It is a pretty traditional Nepali movie song but is genuinely good at capturing the essence of Dashain in rural Nepal. 

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5. Namuchhe Aama Dashain Ma Tika – Narayan Rayamajhi, Krishna Bhakta Rai/Laxmi Neupane

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Link for the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1GLaiLJdOM

Dashain is about happiness but it can be the toughest time of the year for some. This is when you miss your dear ones that have left this world. You remember the Dashain spent with them. This song is particularly sad, the lyrics are gut wrenching. A song laments how Dashain is never going to be the same again. 

4. Dashain Tihar – Sugam Pokhrel

Sugam Pokharel

Link for the song: https://youtu.be/LnOajzcjBz4

Whatever Sugam Pokhrel touches becomes gold, and whatever he has made have all become golden hits. It talks about what Dashain means to most Nepalese today with everyone out of circumstances wanting to leave or have left this dear country. 


3. Dashain Ho Ki Yo Mero Dasha – Yogeshwor Amatya

Yogeshwor Amatya

Link for the song: https://youtu.be/7oPtDa9q3w0

This song is silly at times, funny through and through, yet is able to send a strong message that not everything is right in Dashain for everyone. It successfully captures the sad reality of most low income families in Nepal. 

2. Yespali Dashain ma – Cool Pokhrel 

Cool Pokhrel

Link for the song: https://youtu.be/FrJnsRpaexc

Gone too soon, but always remembered. I haven’t heard much of Cool Pokhrel’s works but this song is truly special. This also talks about the sad reality of many Nepalese being away from their families. 

1. Maalshree Dhun

shrisha maharjan

Link for the song: https://youtu.be/grJd5jAeLM8

How do you know Dashain has arrived? When you hear this tune. The Malashree Dhun is a Newa art-form in which musicians perform devotional music, based on classical raga and taal system. Malashree Dhun is one of the oldest surviving devotional musics of Nepal, with its origin in the 17th century. The Malshree dhun originally belonging to the Newari culture, has become the traditional theme music for Dashain.

So, that was the list. Add in your suggestions in the comments below and Happy Dashain!

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